CCP - Weather Drills and School closed Friday (posted Oct. 17, 2018)

Hello CCP Family,

Here’s my Thursday communication a day early! I wanted you to be sure to see the section on “fall break change” below….

        WEATHER DRILL - This week we practiced a weather drill.  The children walked calmly and safely.  It took about one minute for everyone to reach their safe weather room.  We will continue to practice all the ways we have learned to stay safe at school.

        FALL BREAK CHANGE- Originally we were closed on Thursday and Friday for fall break. However, we have missed so much preschool due to hurricanes that we decided school will be open on Thursday, Oct. 18 just as a gesture of good will and understanding.  On Friday we will remain closed to allow our staff to attend the Durham-Orange Preschool Association teachers' conference.  We truly value this time to study and network with other preschool teachers and directors from Durham and Orange counties. Please wish us well as we learn together.

       FALL FESTIVAL - Come enjoy the fall festival at Christ Church from 12:00-3:00 this Sunday, Oct. 21. There will be food and fun for all ages! It appears that real fall weather will arrive just in time!

       STAFF MEETING - Teachers, we will meet on Tuesday, Oct. 23 from 12:30 - 3:30 in the Disciple room to update our CPR certification.

HAPPY DAN THE MAGIC MAN! - Roger Way (aka Happy Dan) is a very funny magician! He will perform for preschoolers in Ascension Hall on Wednesday, Oct. 24 at 10:00. TTH children are invited to join us with your adult. We will share this show with our neighbors from Chapel Hill Daycare.

      "When we calm our body and mind, we manufacture predominantly alpha and theta brain waves, signifying that our mind is alert, yet relaxed.  This state of relaxed alertness is the optimal learning state."  (Managing Emotional Mayhem, p. 81)  At CCP, we often stop and breathe (S.T.A.R. -Smile, Take A deep breath and Relax) to calm our bodies and bring us to this state of relaxed alertness so we are ready to learn. Adults, taking a breath before addressing your child will allow you to be in a more relaxed state so you can respond with teaching rather than react to an incident.

        Pause a moment to be a S.T.A.R. and I wish you well.