Mid-November and info on Empathy (Nov. 8 post)

Hi CCP Family,

      Please note the title of each blog.  I've added the Conscious Discipline skill, mentioned in the blog, to the title.  That way you can scroll back through the blogs and easily find that C. D.  information if you want to refresh yourself and practice a particular skill.

Please remember that there is no preschool on Monday, Nov. 12.  It is Veteran's Day.

      Families, we sincerely appreciate that you are keeping children home when they are sick.  Thanks for letting us know when your child will be absent.  We miss them and worry about them when they're not at preschool.  After all, we are a preschool family!

      I sincerely enjoy the days when I have time for an extended visit in each classroom.  The learning that happens through play is amazing!  This week I visited some super heros, wearing capes, who were also serving pizza! :-) First I had to “read the menu” of course! Then a decision was made to have a picnic in the same area. Hmmm…eventually they worked it out to have a “pizza picnic.” It was wonderful to hear the conversations and vocabulary, witness the imaginary scenes unfold, and watch children problem-solve when the scene did not quite go their way.  This is just one of the many times this week I was allowed to join a group of children in play.  I realize the honor given to me by the child's invitation to play.  I am grateful to our CCP teachers for setting up such intentional and inviting environments where children can learn huge lessons through playing with their friends.  I wish you could be here to see it all, but I hope you can appreciate some of it through my description.  It is a joy to be part of this preschool!

I will be out of the office on Friday, Nov. 9, but Melissa will be here should any needs arise.

Teachers, we have a brief staff meeting on Tuesday, Nov. 13.

       The CCP Board will meet on Monday, Nov. 19 at 7:30pm in Ascension Hall.  We need all members to be present to discuss the proposed budget for 2019-20.

       Remember you can check your classroom calendar on our website.  When you receive the email notification that your child's teacher has updated her blog, be sure to click through to the website so you can see photos, sign-ups, and calendars.

       Let's think about empathy for a moment (summarized from Conscious Discipline, Chapter 8) ....It is easy to offer empathy for a child who falls and skins her knee.  It is easy to offer empathy to a child who is sad and missing her dad.  It is sometimes more difficult for us to offer empathy to the child who just said "I hate you" or called you "Stupid!" But actually Empathy is just as essential for the child who calls us stupid as it is for the child who skins her knee.  Resisting the urge to attack those who attack us is a huge task, yet to teach children self-control, we must learn and model the skills ourselves. Diligently practice empathy through the D.N.A. process with angry children to help them learn to calm, self-regulate and heal.  (For more on the D.N.A. process, see my post from September 20 or go to www.consciousdiscipline.com.) As with all the skills in Conscious Discipline, our intent is critical to the use of empathy.  If our intent is to make children stop feeling a certain way, we will try to use empathy and our tone of voice will betray our motive.  Empathy is bigger than obedience.

        From Creating the School Family (p.305).... "Empathy asks us to be willing to give up our thoughts and feelings temporarily in order to more accurately understand those of others.  It asks us to quiet our own minds so we can listen from our hearts instead of our heads."

Enjoy your long weekend and I wish you well,