Heading into Advent (Nov. 29 post)

Dear CCP Families,

It has been good to be together again this week after the Thanksgiving holiday!  With Thanksgiving being early this year, we have had some time to regroup before heading into Advent.

COATS & CLOTHING - Please bring a coat to school each day to put in the cubbie, even if you don’t wear it in the morning. Your child may need it at playground time. It is really helpful to have your child’s name in their coats/hats. Also be sure you have switched out your change of clothing from summer to winter!

ADVENT - The first Sunday of Advent this year is Dec. 2. If you have an Advent wreath, you light the first candle Dec. 2.  At preschool we call the candles Hope, Love, Joy(pink), and Peace.  Some families put a white Christ candle in the center to light on Christmas day.  When my children were little we always sang Happy Birthday to Jesus on Christmas day when we lit the white candle.  (If you have live greens, remember to occasionally spritz them with water!)

TUITION - Please remember that December tuition is due on Dec. 1 and considered late on Wednesday, Dec. 5 at noon.  Thanks for paying your fees on time.

MARK YOUR CALENDAR - This year we are celebrating Christmas as a whole school family on WEDNESDAY, DEC. 19 AT 11:00.  We will begin in the Sanctuary with the Christmas story and a song or two from each class. Then we will move into Ascension Hall to enjoy milk and cookies.  If you could provide some cookies or milk, please click here to sign up.  All classes are invited to participate.  TTH classes, we need your lovely voices!  Please bring your child to their regular classroom at 10:45 on Wed, Dec. 19 and then adults can find a seat in the sanctuary.  (Hopefully this is helpful - you will only have to come in once, instead of arranging to visit at different times for each class.)

END-OF-YEAR DONATIONS - As you wrap up your fiscal year and plan any year-end donations, please remember Christ Church Preschool. We sincerely appreciate your support and generosity! Ms. Melissa can provide you with a tax receipt.

ACTS OF KINDNESS - Be sure to notice our lovely hallway bulletin board (thanks Ms. Melissa!) Please "pass on the kindness” by adding your acts of kindness or help your child add one.  We can share God's light & love, and brighten our world with our acts of kindness.

PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT - This weekend several of our staff members will have the chance to study with Dr. Bailey and members of the Conscious Discipline team! This is a rare opportunity! Please wish them well as they delve deeper into the skills of Conscious Discipline.

STAFF MEETING - Teachers, we have a staff meeting at 12:30 on Tuesday, Dec 4.

FEELING BUDDIES CURRICULUM (p. 70) - You have not solved the problem until you tell the other person what to do.  Children often require assistance changing a negative statement, "Stop poking me," into a positive action, "Say my name when you want my attention."  "Quit pushing in line" would become "Stand in your space with your hands to yourself."  Try this at home....anytime you want to begin a sentence with "STOP _______," try framing it in the positive, stating what you want your child TO DO instead. 

Please remember if you ever have a concern or want to talk with me for any reason, my door is open to you. 

Wishing you well,