Feb 14 post - Supply fees, summer camp, preschool closed

Hello CCP Families,

Thank you for all the prayers and love that your are sending my way while I care( nearly round the clock) for my sweet mother. Her name is Joyce. She was able to leave the critical care unit and move to a regular hospital room, which is remarkable. She is quite fragile right now, but is making tiny baby steps of progress. We are hoping to be able to move her to rehab soon. I am working on getting some people to help with her care so that I can soon return to you. I REALLY REALLY miss you!!!!!!!!! Thanks again to Ms. Melissa and Ms. Jane and all the staff who are taking care of things at CCP.

PANCAKES & PJ’s - I saw some photos of Pancakes and PJ’s. It looked like so much fun! I know it’s a favorite day every year. Thanks to the Crooks and to all of you who helped make this memory for our little ones.

    SUPPLY FEE DUE - Please remember that 2019-20 supply fees are due Friday, Feb. 15th.  This fee indicates that you will attend next year and holds your spot at CCP.  Please pay on time or speak to Melissa about special arrangements.  We have several families on waiting lists that would like a spot. Thanks!

     PARKING REMINDER - On Mondays and Thursdays (our music class days) please leave the first parking space nearest the Ascension Hall door (in the little upper lot) for our music teacher, Ms. Rebecca.  She hauls a lot a lot of materials for music class.  She also teaches at other preschools so she has to make a "quick entrance and exit."  Thank you for your kindness in this area!

     CAMP - Ladybugs, Ducks, and Whales, you received camp information and registrations earlier this week. If you’d like us to hold a spot for your child, please bring your registration form and payment as soon as possible. If there are remaining spots, I would like to offer them to church members.

     PRESCHOOL CLOSED - Preschool is closed next Monday and Tuesday, Feb. 18 & 19.  Monday is Presidents' Day and Tuesday is a teacher workday.  The teachers and I will be working in our classrooms, meeting, and preparing for the March parent-teacher conferences.  The sign ups for conferences will be posted on your teacher's page on Monday, Feb. 25. 

     VISIT OUR WEBSITE - When my blog or your teacher's blog arrives in your email, please remember to click into the website from there.  Your teacher's page has a calendar for the year, sign up sheets, and photos.   There is much more than just the emailed blogpost and we want you to have ALL the information!  (If you have forgotten the password, it is included in the packet the teachers gave you at the beginning of the year.) Also remember in order to email your teacher click at the top where it says to contact Ms. ____click here. If you just hit reply, your email comes to me instead of your teacher.

LOOKING AHEAD TO CARDS FOR A CAUSE! - We have discovered a unique new program that offers a product you may all want! Usborne Books and More has the most unique boxes of greeting cards! I’ll have samples soon to show you. The boxes of beautiful cards cost $30 per box for 30 cards! ($1 for a card?? - that’s a bargain!) And here’s the best part….CCP earns $13 for each box sold! WOW! (I know what my mom and sister-in-laws are getting for Mother’s Day!) We will plan the sale for March. I’ll have more info soon, but just wanted to share this great new idea with you.

     CONSCIOUS DISCIPLINE TIP #1 - When you feel angry, have you ever said this?...."You don't care about anybody but yourself!"  Dr. Bailey tells us when you need to let off steam like that, first breathe and then say, "When you keep ignoring me and what I am telling you, I feel angry."  (paraphrased from Easy to Love, Difficult to Discipline, p.90)  I'm wishing us all well as we make these subtle, but powerful changes in our communications.

CONSCIOUS DISCIPLINE TIP #2 -  Becky Bailey tells us, "Discipline and punishment are two different things.  Discipline is based on love, is consistent and focuses on cooperation.  Discipline sets expectations and helps find solutions to problems.  Punishment is based on fear and focuses on intimidation, threats or bribes."  To learn more, you may visit www.consciousdiscipline.com, purchase the book, or request to borrow the DVD's from me.

During this Valentine month, we focus a lot on LOVE.  I just want to take a moment to tell you how much I love all our preschool families!  I appreciate the support you show us as we prepare high quality educational environments and activities for your children.  Happy Valentine's Day!

Have a great long weekend and I wish you well!




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     Hope you have a lovely long weekend!  It sounds like the weather will be quite spring-like.  Enjoy!