Feb. 28 - Reminders from CCP

Dear CCP Families,

It’s hard to believe we are coming up on March! I honestly “lost” February in the alternate universe called the hospital, where there is no night or day, just a weird time continuum that blends one day into the next. My mother is finally making some little bits of progress, hopefully enough that she will no longer need me to stay overnight with her. I’m hoping to be able to return to my beloved CCP very soon. I miss you so much! Thanks for the smooth way you carried on in my absence. I am filled with gratitude for Melissa, Jane, the teachers, and the families, who never let our program miss a beat.

I almost always post my blog on Thursday nights, but today I had some time to prepare it, so you will get the emailed notification tonight (Wednesday). You may also click into the blog and see all the previous blog posts from your teacher or from me.

ASH WEDNESDAY - There will be services at Christ Church on Ash Wed, March 6, at 12:15 and 7:00pm

     CONFERENCE SIGN UPs - I hope you were successful at finding the conference sign-ups for your class.  Parent-Teacher Conferences will be March 12 & 13.  CCP is closed on spring conference days. Please share a playdate with another parent and take turns conferencing. Feel free to meet up on our playground!

SCHOLARSHIPS - For families who may want to apply for a 2019-20 scholarship (based on financial need) please email Debbie directly and I’ll send you the application. The scholarship application has a deadline of Friday, April 5. It requires the completed application, your most recent tax return, and a recent pay stub. It is confidential.

CARDS FOR A CAUSE! - We have discovered a unique new program that offers a product you may all want AND supports CCP! Usborne Books and More has the most unique boxes of greeting cards! Watch your cubbie for information and I’ll have samples to show you on March 5 & 6. The well-organized boxes of beautiful cards cost $30 per box for 30 cards! ($1 for a card?? - that’s a real bargain!) And here’s the best part….CCP earns $13 for each box sold! WOW! (I know what my mom and sister-in-laws are getting for Mother’s Day!) Watch your cubbies for information. The sale will run 3/4 through 3/20.

     TEACHERS - We have a staff meeting at 12:30 on Tuesday, March 5.

    LOOKING AHEAD TO SCHOOL PHOTOS -  CCP Individual and class photos will be made outside by Photo Specialties, our spring photographer. Nan of Photo Specialties is going to get back with me regarding dates and I’ll let you know as soon as I can. Let's hope for sunshine!

    EMOTIONS - Our emotions are "BIG" feelings.  Dr. Becky Bailey helps us understand what these emotions are communicating..... Anxious says "Get more information."  Scared says, "Help me feel safe and protected."  Angry says, "Calm down and change."  Frustrated says, "See or do things differently." ~ from Managing Emotional Mayhem, by Dr. Becky Bailey

Wishing you well this first weekend of March,