CCP - Important items for your calendar! (March 7 post)

Dear CCP Families,

I have sincerely missed you while I’ve been out taking care of my parents! My plan is to return to the preschool office on Monday. Thanks for your patience and your prayers.   

Most Thursdays around 7:00pm you receive an email telling you that there is a new blog post from me.  I like to maintain that schedule because then you know what to expect.  You can "safely predict" that you will receive preschool information from me at that time each week.  Routine is important for children, too!  Dr. Becky Bailey tells us, "The brain is pattern-seeking.  The more consistent your routines, the easier it is for the brain to pick up the pattern.  If there is a consistent routine, the brain picks up the pattern, the child feels safe, and his neurological resources can be used for learning and exploration."  ( Therefore, do your best to have a routine for getting dressed in the morning, cleaning up toys, having meals together, and getting ready for bed at night.  Your child's brain will pick up the pattern and most tasks will flow more smoothly.  I wish you well with establishing and maintaining your routines!

Summer Camp - We have a few more spots in CCP summer camp (June 4-7) Camp is for current Ladybugs, Ducks, and Whales. See Melissa or Debbie to sign up!

Cards for a Cause - Please make checks to CCP and place check and order form in the envelope on the preschool office door. There will be a table set up Friday and next Monday, as well as the week of March 18 so you can see samples of the cards. I’m excited about this! I want to hurry back and make my order!

Scholarship - If you need financial assistance, scholarship applications for 2019-20 are due by April 5, 2019.

Illness Policy - Please remember our policy regarding illness - Your child must be free of diarrhea and vomiting for a MINIMUM of 24 hours before he or she may return to class. That means…. if they are sick the night before, then awake feeling good in the morning, they still need to stay home another day.

     Here are some more important dates and events:

March 10 - Daylight Saving Time begins (Spring forward Saturday night!)

March 12 & 13 - Parent/Teacher Conferences - Sign up on your class page on the website. Feel free to use our playgrounds to share childcare with other families while you take turns conferencing.

Looking ahead:

March 18 - CCP Board meets at 7:30 in Ascension Hall

March 25-29 - Spring Break for CCP

April 9 - Individual and Class photos for Whales and TTH classes (during the school day)

April 10 - Individual and Class photos for Ducks and MWF classes (during the school day)

"If you play with your children regularly, power struggles will diminish."  ~Easy to Love, Difficult to Discipline p.118)

I wish you well and I look forward to being back with my preschool family next week,