Here comes May!! (April 25 post)

Dear CCP Families,

         It is such a pleasure to visit our preschool classrooms in the spring! There are caterpillars & butterflies, farms with horses, corn & oats to dig in, snack picnics outside, and lots of laughter & singing!! What a happy place to be!

A word about playgrounds and footwear…we require the children to keep their shoes on while on our playgrounds for safety reasons. I know it’s lovely to go barefoot, but that can be done at home with parent supervision. You may want to consider this safety rule when choosing your children’s footwear. Sneakers or the more enclosed heavy-duty sandals are probably the best and safest choices.

        PREPAID TUITION DUE MAY 1 -  Please remember to pay your May 2020 prepaid tuition on May 1, 2019.  Thank you for making your payments on time. (Please note that you paid for this May last May.  I know it's confusing, but think of it like a security deposit.)

      PRESCHOOL SUNDAY - Please plan to join us this Sunday, April 28, for “Preschool Sunday” at the 9:45 worship service. ALL ARE WELCOME AT CHRIST CHURCH! The Ladybugs, Ducks, and Whales (and any Frogs who want to join us) will sing early in the service. Please drop your child with Ms. Debbie and teachers at 9:30 in the Disciple Room (where we have music with Ms. Rebecca) Parents, you may go sit in the sanctuary. After the children sing and hear the children’s message, we will walk them to the rear of the sanctuary. You may pick them up there to sit with you OR they may follow the adult helpers to Sunday school (in the preschool rooms.) Just tell your child what to do so they will know what to expect. There is a nursery in the Frog room for younger children.

PHOTO ORDERS - Please remember to bring your photo order and payment to the preschool office by Monday, April 29. Checks should be made to PHOTO SPECIALTIES. If you want a class photo, please choose package J. (There are no proofs of the class pics.)

         As it begins to warm up outside, you may want to apply sunscreen to your child's exposed skin before you come to school.  They are usually outside around 40-45 minutes each day.

         Here are dates for your calendars....

  • April 28 - Preschool Sunday - Celebrate CCP and worship our Risen Savior! Arrive at 9:30 in the Disciple room to sing at the 9:45 service

  • April 29 - Picture orders and payment due

  • April 30 - TEACHERS - Staff meeting 12:30-2:00 with lunch provided

  • May 1 - Prepaid tuition due (covers May 2020)

  • May 2- National Day of Prayer - There will be prayer under the bell tower at the front entrance at 12:15 on Thursday, May 2. You are invited to stay and pray. (If you are picking up preschoolers, please use an alternate entrance/exit. Thanks!)

  • LOOKING AHEAD - Mark your calendar! CCP will celebrate a wonderful year with a SPIRIT NIGHT at Chick-fil-a at University Mall on Tuesday, May 14 from 5:00-7:00pm. More details to come, but mark your calendar now - This is a super fun event!!

         From the Feeling Buddies curriculum (p.17) - Instead of focusing on good and bad, shift your focus to behaviors that are helpful or hurtful.  Notice helpful acts by saying, "You pushed your chair in so no one would trip over it.  That was helpful."  Or you might say, "Pushing in line is hurtful.  What could you do that is helpful?"

         It is hard to believe we have almost reached our last month of preschool!  Seems like we were only just starting this journey at the orientation meeting!  Breathe and enjoy all the wonderful events that take place this month.  Notice your child's growth and development and treasure his or her uniqueness.  May is a month of celebrations!

I wish you well,