October week 2 - Fire Safety and Conferences

Hello CCP Families!

        Hope you've had a great first week of October! I do hope we will see some cooler weather soon! Thank you for paying your tuition on time. (If you’ve forgotten, you have until noon tomorrow, Friday, Oct 5, to drop your check in the tuition box and avoid the late fee.)

        A friendly reminder....it's time to get your flu shot!  Let's all stay healthy and avoid absences from the flu if we can.  Hope you will join me in protecting your family and our preschool family from the flu!

Individual photos went well. I’ll send a link soon by email where you can look at the photos and puchase them if you choose to.

        Here are some reminders for the upcoming week:

  • Saturday, Oct. 6 - Optional Family Photos with David Gellatly in the side yard of the church. Smile! Please arrive on time so everyone can have their full session. Even if there is a little rain, David can take your photo under the bell tower.

  • Tues & Wed, Oct 9 & 10 - Ladybugs, Ducks, and Whales will have brief conferences with your lead teacher. (Frog families will get an email in the fall and have scheduled conferences in the spring. However, if you need to see Ms. Julie now, just contact her to arrange a meeting.) You can find your teacher in the church office building 105 across the street. Your children will be cared for in their regular classroom by the assistant teachers and a substitute.

  • There will be a blood drive in Ascension Hall on Tuesday, Oct. 9

  • The fire truck will visit CCP on Thursday, Oct. 11 around 9:30. MWF classes, please feel free to join us with your grown-up. (Remember, we have to be patient. Sometimes the fire truck gets a call and we may have to wait a few minutes.)

  • Looking ahead: CCP Board will meet on Monday, Oct. 15 at 7:30pm.

  • Looking ahead: Fall break for students on Thursday & Friday, Oct. 18 & 19. Teachers will attend the educational conference provided by the Durham - Orange Preschool Association.

        From Dr. Becky Bailey's Managing Emotional Mayhem, p. 41..."If a child signals sadness, anger or embarrassment, an attuned adult can pick up on this communication and coach the child through her discomfort to an integrated state.  The child will learn emotions are a bridge between problem and solution, reducing the likelihood of a reactive or impulsive response."

        Emotions serve a vital purpose!  We need to feel them, accept them, and they will dissipate.  They are the bridge between problem and solution.  Here's the secret....we don't want to get stuck on the feelings bridge, hanging on to our suffering and rehashing our problem.  Instead we want to identify and name the feeling.  Then relax and re-frame the problem.  Then move more easily to choose a satisfactory solution.  Let's help our children learn to walk across the feelings bridge!  (paraphrased from Dr. Bailey's Conscious Discipline, p.221.)

Have a wonderful weekend and I wish you well,

Debbie Arena