Our CCP family


Hello CCP Family,

You may have already received this information, but I wanted to include it here so our whole community will be aware. When one of us hurts, all of us have the opportunity to help and support our loved one. One of the dads in our preschool family, Grant Austin, was in a serious car accident on Wednesday evening. Grant, Joie, Daisy and Sam are such a beautiful family and have been very involved in preschool for the last 4 years! Grant has served on the preschool board, helped with some carpentry projects, and even served as a substitute teacher! Please pray for this family - for strength, healing, and peace.

I have included the link to their gofundme page where you can read more about this lovely family and if you’re able, perhaps you can donate. A meal train has also been set up for the family. https://mealtrain.com/34n1oy If you choose a date Monday through Friday, then you could bring the meal to the preschool office and we will arrange delivery. Thank you, CCP family, for the love and care you show each other!

I’m wishing you well,