One Week to Go.... (May 16 post)

Hi CCP Families,

        This year has gone by soooo quickly!  It is a bittersweet ending to a lovely school year.  I do love the slower pace of summer, but I sure will miss seeing these bright smiles each day.  I hope you have taken time to notice the growth and development in your child.  We are so proud of each one of them!

It was such fun to see many of you at Chick-fil-a this week! Thank you to the families and teachers that supported this fellowship event. It was a relaxed, enjoyable way to celebrate a great school year. Thanks to Jennifer Crook for coordinating this wonderful event!

        Thank you for all the sweet birthday cards, gifts, hugs, and even songs that I received!  Those little 60 second celebrations really made my day.  I feel honored and grateful.

        As new families apply to CCP, I ask them how they heard about us.  Many times they tell me one of you recommended the program to them.  We sincerely appreciate your recommendation.  We do not take it for granted.  Thank you for your kind words.  YOU are our best advertisement for CCP!  Thank you!

       This week was our last Chapel time together.  I read the Bible story from Glenys Nellist’s book, Love Letters from God. God’s love letter reminded us that we are the best thing God made! AND He is not finished working on us yet. So keep reading God’s precious book and keep learning more about how much you are loved and how you can share that love with others. It has been an honor to share God's love with the CCP children this year.

       Please carefully read the communication from your teacher about the end-of-year celebrations.  You will want to be aware of all that is taking place next week.  Frogs and Ladybugs will have celebrations and Whales and Ducks will have graduations.  We will be making memories and we want you to be part of that!

      Board members, first a giant thank you for your service!! You help complete our school family. The 2018-19 board will meet at 6:45pm on Monday, May 20 to wrap up our year.  The new 2019-20 board will meet at 7:30pm.  Both brief meetings will be in Ascension Hall.  New board, if the current board is still meeting when you arrive, just come on in.  We will soon be ready for you.

       Finally congratulations to all our graduates!  Our Ducks and Whales will be off to new adventures.  We send our love with you!  Parents, you and your child may feel emotional at this time of year.  Breathe deeply, acknowledge the feeling, and remind each other that you can handle it.  You will always be part of the CCP family.  We wish you well.

And I wish all of you well as we arrive at our last week together,