April 11 post - Preschool Sunday, VBS, Sharing books, and more!

Dear CCP Family,

PHOTOS went very well this week. I’m glad we moved Tuesday photos to Thursday since Thursday’s weather was lovely! Photo Specialties will bring a packet of proofs for you to preview. Then you can decide if you want to order prints. I’ll notify you when to look for proof packages in your cubbies. (If your child was absent and you want a photo, please call Photo Specialties and Nan will meet you at their studio to take your child’s photo.)

BOOKS TO SHARE? - We are collecting gently used books to share with children who may not have many books to read. These books will be sent to Anchor Church in Wilmington. They will be distributed to children at the Children’s Street Fair that is held in one of the most challenged neighborhoods in Wilmington. You may place your books in the bin in the hallway. Thank you for sharing!

CHAPEL LESSON - PALM SUNDAY - This week in Chapel we learned that Jesus was going into Jerusalem.  He chose to ride into the city on a small donkey instead of a big horse.  We think he wanted people to understand that He was coming in peace.  He did not want to look like a general on a horse who was coming to fight. Many people came to see Jesus.  They waved palm branches and shouted “Hosanna”. Help your child look for palm branches at church this coming Sunday.

PRESCHOOL BOARD - CCP Board will meet Monday, April 15 at 7:30pm in Ascension Hall.

GOOD FRIDAY - CCP will be closed on Good Friday, April 19.

PRESCHOOL SUNDAY - I hope you will join us in worship on Sunday, April 28 at 9:45 (Please arrive at 9:30 for your children to “warm up” their voices in the disciple room off of Ascension Hall!) Our Ladybugs, Ducks, and Whales will sing near the beginning of the worship service. There is also a nursery for younger children in the Frog room. ALL are welcome at Christ Church.

CHRIST CHURCH VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL - Ladybugs, Ducks, and Whales are invited to register for Christ Church’s Vacation Bible School, June 17-21. This year’s theme is called Rolling River Rampage - Experience the Ride of a Lifetime with God! Click here to learn more and to register : https://vbspro.events/p/events/dcfd8c

A CONSCIOUS DISCIPLINE REMINDER - “Positive intent upshifts the brain from the lower centers to the higher centers and frames situations in a way that all parties in a conflict can problem-solve together.” (p. 264 Conscious Discipline) Remember to look at your child through eyes of love even when they are on your last nerve! ;-) The key phrase for the skill of positive intent is I AM WILLING TO SEE THE BEST IN OTHERS.

I wish you well,