Sept 12 post - Becoming a Family

Hi CCP Families,

We’ve had a wonderful second week of preschool! Our Whale and Duck classes began their Mon and Wed lunch bunches with great success. The children are beginning to settle into their routines. Parents, you’re doing well with drop-off and pick-up. And I am doing my best to learn all the new names and faces! ;-)

Next week we will continue to work toward becoming a “school family.” We want the children to know that their teachers (safe-keepers) will keep them safe. We are working hard to form that trust bond with each child. The children are learning some new ways to breathe, too, to calm their bodies, like a S.T.A.R breath or a balloon breath. We will also learn what makes each of us unique and learn our friends’ names.

CCP Board of Directors, we have a meeting on Monday, Sept 16 at 7:30pm in Ascension Hall. Families, anytime you’re curious about what the board does, please ask your parent rep or Alexis Oshman (mom of Rosalia in the MWF Ladybugs) Our board meetings are open to families to observe, but you would need to contact our board chair, Alexis, if you want to be put on the agenda for a particular topic.

Please remember that you may order CCP shirts here. The site will be open until Sept. 22. You may also make your “fundraising donation” on the website using your credit card. Thanks to everyone for your generosity!

Families, thank you for sending a water bottle each day. This is so helpful to each class and to our environment! Please only send water in the bottle. Juices or other sweet liquids are sticky when spilled and attract insects. Thanks!

Here are some simple, yet helpful words paraphrased from Conscious Discipline, If the child complies with your command or request, say “You’re doing it! You are ______ (putting on your shoes so we can go outside!” for example, or “cleaning up your blocks so no one falls.”) If the child refuses, say, “I’m going to hep you get started.”

Have a wonderful weekend and I wish you well,