We have started November with many fun activities.  

This week we learned about the four main food groups: fruits and vegetables, grain, dairy, and protein groups.  We are learning to have something from each group at every meal.  And to only eat a little of sweets and fats.  Our bodies need healthy food and exercise to grow.

Next week we will learn about the Pilgrims that came to America on the Mayflower in 1620.  We will learn how the Native Americans lived here in America first, and how they helped the Pilgrims settle in a new country.

We are making special banners with cloth, glue and paint.  We are batiking our material to make a beautiful banner where we will write what we are Thankful for.   We also will make special Native American shirts and headbands for our Thanksgiving Celebration on Nov. 20st at 11:30. 

Please sign up to bring in something for our Thanksgiving Celebration with our Whale Friends! Click Here to sign up on Sign Up Genius!!

We will meet our letter puppet friends, Norma Nurse, Timmy Turtle, and Paula Pig.

Also we will be working hard to earn our new skill rings tokens....

1)  I say please and thank you

2)  I can count out 10 acorns

3)  I know my phone number (Is your child ready for this?  Some of us are ready to memorize a cell phone number for safety reasons.  You could sing your phone number to your child, as a way of helping them learn it.)

4)  I can put on my coat

5)  I can zip my coat

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your families,   Mrs. Walton and Ms. Sue