Welcome to the Yellow Ducks Class

 We are a 5 day, four year old class at Christ Church Preschool.  We would like to welcome our Yellow Duck families. 

My name is Susan Walton, I will be your child's lead teacher.  Sue Krebs is the assistant teacher in our classroom.  We are both really looking forward to meeting all of you, and especially your little yellow ducks!     

 In September, We will be  learning all about our classroom and how to get along with others. Our classroom is made up of learning centers. Our ducks enjoy a choice of:

  • Listening

  •  blocks

  •  dramatic play

  •  easel

  •  computer

  • Science

  • free art

  • books                                             

  • water/sand table

  • light table 

  •  sensory table

  •  writing

  •  play dough

  •  math

  • special "table center" each day with a new activity based around our theme.


 In our first month of school we will enjoy getting to know special things about each other including our families.

We will learn how we are alike and different in many ways.  We will be teaching social skills, helping the children learn how to greet a friend, how to share a toy, and how to ask a friend to play.   On Sept. 19th we will have a Friendship Fair with the other four year class, The Whales.   We will meet our first three letter puppets this month;  Merry Mouse, Freddy Fireman, and Leo Lion!   Throughout the year your child will have the opportunity to earn skill tokens for their skill rings.  In the month of September they will be working hard to earn...I know my 1st and last name, I know my birth date, I am a good friend, and I can name basic shapes.   

Your yellow duck teachers are looking forward to a year full of learning, laughter, and fun.


 Mrs. Walton and Ms. Sue

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