Fall, Nocturnal Animals and Halloween

Hi Yellow Duck Families,

We have had a fun week learning about Fall and Apples. We even tasted 3 different types of apples and graphed our favorite apple. (Gala, Granny Smith or Honey Crisp)

Next week we will start to sing Halloween songs and learn about Nocturnal Animals (animals that sleep in the day, but are awake at night.)

We met Dan Dinosaur, Abby Ape, and next week we will meet Helen Hippo.

We are looking forward to Dan the Magic Man on Wednesday, he is wonderful with children.

Would anyone like to volunteer to help us carve a pumpkin on Tuesday Oct. 30th? Please email me and let me know.

Put on your calendar we will have a Costume Parade on Wednesday, Oct. 31st at 9:20! It’s a very fun event for all families (grandparents and friends too!)

Julian T. will be bringing in snacks next week.

Rosalie will have her turn of Star of the Week!

Mrs. Walton and Ms. Sue