skill ring tokens to help your child with...

Hi Yellow Duck Families,

We are working on several Skill Ring Tokens:

  • I can put my jacket or coat on all by myself

  • I can zip my coat

  • I can say the emergency phone # ( 911 )

  • I can say my parent’s cell phone number (pick one to teach your child) You could teach this in a song form.

The last skill is one that some children need more time with. Some children can remember a long number, like a cell phone number when they are in kindergarten or first grade. But others are able to memorize this at age 4. It is a wonderful safety skill that you can teach your child in case they ever need to reach you, and are separated from you.

Thank you for changing out your child’s change of clothing to long sleeve and long pants.

We just put a copy of the words to our Halloween Songs in your child’s cubbie, in case you want to sing with them at home. :)

Mrs. Walton and Ms. Sue