Merry Christmas to everyone!

Dear Yellow duck families,

We wanted to thank all of you for coming to our Christmas Concert! We were so proud of the children, they did an amazing job singing the Christmas songs!

Be sure to look at our Pictures on our Photo Album, we have been very busy this December! Thank you to all the families that shared their Family Traditions, we really enjoyed learning all about what your families do during the holidays.

A special Thank you to Alexis for making Gingerbread Cookies for all of us to decorate! The children loved it.

And we wanted to thank Alexis and Charmaine for coming into our classroom and sharing all about their Holiday Traditions from Puerto Rico. They read “The Night Before Christmas” in Spanish, and shared that they both like to celebrate the Three Kings Day on Jan 6th. with traditional foods and presents. We enjoyed tasting special treats; a Puerto Rican Egg Nog called Coquito. (it’s like a coconut smoothie) and Guava Pastries called Pasteles de quayaba.

Thank you to everyone for your thoughtful cards and gifts! We really appreciate it!

We wish you and your families Peace, Love, and Happiness over Christmas and into the New Year!

Love, Mrs. Walton and Ms. Sue