Community Helpers, Parents coming in next week!

Thank you to all our parents that volunteered to come into our classroom and tell us all about their career!

Monday 9:15 Scientist (Caroline’s Dad Jeremy)

Monday 12:40 Dog Trainer (Sawyer’s Dad Kris and his dog)

Tuesday 9:15 Nurse (Birdie’s Mom, Liz)

Thursday 9:15 Nurse (Max’s Mom, Rachael)

Thursday 11:45 Social Worker (Garrett’s Mom, Kelsi)

Friday 9:15 Pastor (Jonah’s Mom Heather)

Friday 11:45 Cosmetologist (Rosallie’s Mom April)

Thank you for helping us to make this next Theme so meaningful.

Sawyer will have his turn to be our Star of the Week next week. (Oct. 1-5) And Rosalie will have her turn on Oct. 22-26)

And the month of October we will meet 3 new letter puppets, Dan Dinosaur, Abby Ape, and Helen Hippo. We will cover 4 themes, Community Helpers, Fire Safety, Fall, and Nocturnal Animals. We also will have a fun Costume Parade on Oct. 31st.

Be sure to look at our calendar that is in a link in a green/blue box on our Blog.

It has all our important dates on it.

Happy Fall! Mrs. Walton and Ms. Sue