First Week of Preschool

Dear Yellow Duck Parents,

We have had a very busy first week of Preschool in the Yellow Duck Class.  We have learned how to be a "five star listener on the carpet", and how to move through our Center time using our clothespins that have our names on them.  We are now able to serve ourselves snack at "table 2" and pour our own water from little pitchers. 

We have been talking about how important rules are, because they help keep everyone safe.  

Here are some rules we decided on for our class...

1)  Be kind to Others

2)  Use soft voices inside

3)  Walk in the Classroom

4)  Listen to our friends and teachers when they talk

5)  Raise a quiet hand during group time 

6)  Keep hands and feet to yourself  (unless you are shaking someone's hand or hugging)

Thank you so much for sending in all those supplies!!  And sending in the "Wish List" items.

We really appreciate all your support!   Have a great weekend,   Mrs. Walton and Ms. Sue