Conferences on Monday and Tuesday

Thank you to our wonderful parents that came into our classroom this week to tell us all about their Jobs!

We really enjoyed learning some Spanish words from Ms. Beatriz , a UNC Spanish Professor. And Ms. Lara taught us about writing books and creating cool stickers. (we really appreciated all the books and stickers you gave to us) And thank you to Mr. Matthew, the Aerospace Engineer, he brought in a cool plane, and taught us about how a plane actually flies!

Monday and Tuesday we will have school even though Mrs. Walton will be meeting with the parents for conferences. Ms. Sue and Ms. Melissa will work in the classroom on Monday, then Ms. Sue and Ms. Amy will work on Tuesday.

We are excited about our new Fire Truck in the classroom, and our Unit about Fire Safety! We will have firefighters visit our school on Thursday, and they will be bringing a real Fire Truck!

Mrs. Walton and Ms. Sue