Our Five Senses, Rhyming words, and our 100th Day of Preschool!

Hi Yellow Duck Families,

We are having so much fun learning about our five senses! On Wednesday we used our sense of Hearing to Play Bingo and guess what sounds we were hearing! On Thursday we had a ball using our sense of Touch to figure out what was in the black bag! And on Friday we used our sense of sight to mix colors in our sensory table…we loved being Scientists and using colored water with little droppers and ice cube trays. Monday and Tuesday we will learn about our sense of taste and smell.

Dr. Seuss’ Birthday is on March 1st and we will celebrate him by making Dr. Seuss fruit kabobs !

Our 100th Day of Preschool will fall on Monday, March 4th. Please allow your child to bring in 100 little things in a Zip Lock Bag. (some good examples could be : pennies, paper clips, little lego pieces, hair rubber bands, little cars, beans, beads…….what other ideas can you think of to count out?)

We would like for you and your child to decide what to bring in on March 4th…..and encourage them make 10 piles of 10 small items on your kitchen table…..then you can put them into a Zip Lock bag and let them bring it to school to show their friends. Every child in our class can count to 10……several of us can even count to 100 !!

Conferences are going to be on March 12th and 13th, school will be closed to the students, we will have the conferences in our classroom. Both Ms. Sue and I will be at the conference, so you will need to arrange a play date for your child. Sign up on the Spring Conference sign up button .

Mark your Calendars!!! The Yellow Ducks and the Blue Whales will have a fun Field trip to Maple View Agricultural Education Center on Wednesday May 1st from 9:30-12:00 . You will have to drive them to and from this Field trip. All Parents are welcome to join us on this field trip…..More info to come…..just wanted you to put it on your calendar.

Have a Great Weekend!

Mrs. Walton and Ms. Sue