February News

We will be starting our month out with a new Mail Unit, our Dramatic Play will turn into a Post Office and we will be writing notes to our friends in our classroom. We also will be learning about the Five Senses, and Rhyming Words this month. Our Letter Puppets are Zack Zebra, Val Vulture, X-ray Xavier, and Rita Rabbit.

On Tuesday, February 12th, we will have our Pancake and Pajama Day!  Your child may wear their pajamas to school.  If your child plans to wear slippers, please provide a change of shoes for the playground.    

The Yellow Ducks will be celebrating Valentine's Day on Thursday, February 14th.  We like to have your child sign each Valentine, if you feel like that is something they can handle.  Of course every child is different, and you know if this is something they can do.  One idea is to break down the Valentine writing to only 5 Valentines each night, and start a week before Valentines.  If they are up for it, they can also write their friend's name on the outside.  We will be making special Valentine Mail Truck Bags for each child.  Remember if you are bringing Valentines, to include each child so that we don't have hurt feelings.  We would appreciate it if you could help your child "deliver" their cards at drop off that morning. If that's not possible, just let us know.  We would be happy to help out!

Here are the names of our friends in our class...  Anna Jane, Rosalie, Jonah, Mina, Sawyer, Max, Lucas, Julian O. Birdie, Caroline, Evan, Tommy, Julian T. , Emma, Garrett, Mrs. Walton and Ms. Sue

Looking forward to lots of fun in February!   Mrs. Walton and Ms. Sue