Graduation Tomorrow, May 24th

Tomorrow will be our Graduation Day, and our last day of preschool for this school year. You may bring your child into our room at the usual drop off time tomorrow.....then we will have them play at the tables and have a short Morning News to prepare for our Graduation.

You may enjoy a cup of coffee, or hang around in Ascension Hall or the Sanctuary until the Graduation starts. 

We will have special bags on the glass table in front of the Sanctuary that you can pick up after the ceremony, it will have special memories from your child's Yellow Duck School year. During our ceremony, your child will hold up a backpack where they illustrated their favorite part of school this year.  We will put those in the bags after the Graduation ceremony.   

We will start our celebration in the Sanctuary at 9:30, our Graduation should lasts around 30 min, then we will go to the Ascension Hall for a fun Brunch Celebration!  Everything should be done around 11:30.   

Please be sure to check your child's cubbie for their change of clothes, cubbie tags and other items. 

It has been a privilege being your child's teacher this preschool year.  We are so very proud of the hard work your child has done and are amazed at the growth, not just physically, but emotionally, socially, intellectually, and spiritually. 

We appreciate you, and the support you gave us this year.

We especially want to thank our Amazing "Room Moms", Kelsi and Liz! 

Please be sure to visit us in the future,

Have a safe and Happy Summer Vacation,    warmly,      Susan and Sue  (Mrs. Walton and Ms. Sue)