Volunteers needed to share their Jobs with our class

Hi Yellow Duck Parents,

Next week we will be learning about different jobs, “Community Helpers”

We were wondering if anyone was willing to come into our classroom for a short time and talk to the children about what you do in your job. You could come in the morning 9:15-9:25 or in the afternoon right before pick up. Just email me if you are interested in doing this. It only has to be a quick explanation with props for the kids to see. (for example, if you are a doctor you could bring a stethoscope, tongue depressors, gloves, your white coat.)

This is a very fun learning experience for the children, and we would really appreciate your help with this.

As we move into October, we will learn about Community Helpers, Fire Safety, Fall, and Nocturnal Animals.

Vivi will have her turn of Star of the Week Sept 30-4th, and Sophia will have her turn on Oct. 21-25th.

We will meet the letter puppets Dan Dinosaur, Abby Ape, and Helen Hippo.

On Oct. 31st we will have a Halloween Costume Parade with the Whale class!

We are working on the skill ring tokens; I know my birth date, I know my address (# street name and city),  I know my phone number.  (Thank you for helping your child learn this, One idea is to put this information to a song.)

Looking forward to lots of fun in October,

Mrs. Walton and Ms. Sue