Happy Thanksgiving Frog Families!

For the past several weeks we have been playing fun games at preschool to help reinforce our shapes and colors. At circle time we looked around our classroom to find shapes all around us. And we recognized our colors by the clothes we were wearing. When a color card was held up with the color clothing we had on, we got to stand up and JUMP!!  Also, we played a really neat flashlight game. We played our special "Mission Possible" song music, and got out our flashlights to shine on the color or shape that Ms. Julie was holding up!

Next week, for the last week of November, we will do a lesson on Owls. The green frogs will learn how owls are nocturnal, and play all night, and sleep all day. Then, December will be filled with all things Christmas! It's so hard to believe that the holidays are here, and Christmas is right around the corner.

Resse’s family will provide snacks for Monday, and Ellie’s family will provide snacks for Tuesday this week. Preschool will be closed on Wednesday and Thursday for Thanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving Green Frog Families!