Leaves Are Falling All Around!

This week we learned about Fall! Our frog friends painted leaves with colorful "dot" paint and made tie-dye leaves with a 2 step art process. First we colored leaves with markers, then we used our "magic" spray bottles to make the colors run. What colorful leaves we came up with! We are very proud of these, and have them displayed on our bulletin board in our classroom. We learned a new song at circle time...."Leaves Are Falling". Ask your child to sing this song and do the motions for you. We also read a really neat Leaf Hunt book, and helped our friends in the story find colorful leaves. Then we took a walk on our shape rope around the church, and found our own colorful leaves. We crunched in the leaves, found some colorful flowers, and named all the sights and sounds we discovered on our walk. 

Next week will explore Apples. Our days will consist of painting with real apples, discovering apples in our sensory table, counting and sorting apples of different shapes, colors, and sizes, and of course tasting apples. We will read several stories at circle time that show how apples grow from seed to flower to fruit. What a fun week ahead of us!

Preschool Individual photos will be on Wednesday Oct 3rd and Thursday Oct 4th. Don’t worry we won’t use messy arts and paints on these days :)

Snacks will be provided by Sarah Johnson for our Mon./Wed. class, and Sarah Isaacson’s family will bring snacks for Tues/Thursday.