It's Halloween Time!

Our green frogs have enjoyed learning about Fire Fighters, Pumpkins, and Scarecrows for the last few weeks. We made black dots on our fire dogs, learned about pumpkins and how to turn them into Jack O Lanterns, and we decorated Scarecrows for our bulletin board. We learned a fun song about our scarecrows… have your child sing you our song. We also learned a new story on our flannel board.. ..."Five Little Pumpkins Sitting on A Gate".  They Frog Friends love this song!

Next week we will end the month of October with Halloween! We will paint a pumpkin for our classroom and our little Frog Friends can wear their Halloween costumes next week on Tuesday and Wednesday. We will have a little parade through the school. We'll do this mid-morning, and I'll be sure to take some pictures for the parents:) There will be several fun art projects and new concepts for our little ones to learn. We will do a special art project with golf balls!

Eleanor’s family will provide snacks for Mon/Wed, and Rosalia’s family will bring snacks for Tues/Thurs. 

Happy Halloween!