Last Week of February Events!

Happy Friday Frog Friends! This past week we had a short, wet week… but managed to accomplish a lot! Our little frog friends learned about Transportation. Ask your child what is Transportation (things that go). We talked about different kinds of Transportation… airplane/ train/ car/ van/ bus/ boat, etc. They were good at naming these types of Transportation vehicles themselves. We read several books about how people travel and we painted a cool wooden train. We drove our cars around town (to follow directions). Since we had rainy days, we spent time playing in the “big room” (This is our music room. ) We brought the parachute in and bounced a ball inside it. We set up an obstacle course and turned flips, crawled through the tunnel, and played with hoops. We took a few minutes of quiet time to view a cool “Chica Chica Boom Boom” clip, which taught us about ABCs and we discussed what letters our names began with. Next week continues our Transportation week. We will drive cars through the mud a.k.a. “brown paint”. We will make stop lights and learn a catchy new “Twinkle, Twinkle Traffic Light” song.

Snack next week will be provided by Reese’s family for Mon/ Wed and Henry’s family for Tues/ Thursday.

Conferences are March 12 and 13th. Conference Sign ups will be placed on our website soon… please see those sign ups for a short conference time with Ms. Linda and I.

See you all next week!