Happy Spring!

Happy Spring Frog Families! The frogs have been busy working away in our classroom for the past few weeks. We have learned about Things That Go… Transportation, Pets, and Spring Time. I hope you’ve been hearing some of our new circle time songs including Twinkle, Twinkle Traffic Light, and the art of counting down backwards and blasting off… our frog friends have gotten really good at this! Ask them to do it for you, starting at 10,9,8 etc. We learned about taking care of Pets, including a fun vet area with stethoscopes and shots! And we just finished a lesson on what Spring is all about. We shopped in a flower shop and bought the most beautiful flowers with pennies. This was a great lesson on waiting our turn and paying with money. Our frog friends really enjoyed this fun activity!

Since the weather has broken some, we’ve been spending a bit longer outdoors, on the big playground, getting our little frog friends all ready for their new Ladybug experience as Big Kids! We enjoy the sandbox, and big slides mostly! We’ve had the opportunity to enjoy snacks outside a few times at our picnic tables. This is so much fun!

Upon returning to preschool in a couple weeks, we will learn about Farm Animals. Our days will be spent learning which animals can live on a farm, what it takes to feed these animals, and some simple foods we get from farm animals. We’ll paint a muddy pig, a spotty cow, glue cotton balls on sheep, and glue feathers on chickens. We have some really cool stories involving farm animals too!

Lastly, thanks to everyone for attending conferences with Ms. Linda and me, and for letting us share how special your little ones are to us!

Happy Spring Break Frog Friends! See you back at preschool in April.