Golden Autumn Leaves

Hello Ladybug Families,

As we begin to think about fall you may spot some pumpkins arriving in Ladybug Class! We will be hunting for leaves in our outside play times and studying the changing seasons. If you are going out and about please collect any signs of fall that you see: leaves, pine cones, twigs, and acorns, and bring them to our class to share. We will also continue our transport theme in class, painting our big red firetruck,making trains and experimenting with boats and the scientific concept of sinking and floating.

  • We are excited to have Happy Dan the Magic Man join us at school on Wednesday at 10am. T/Th friends are welcome to join us with their caregivers if they wish.

  • Snack is kindly provided this week by Kristen's family, (MWF), and Juliana's family, (TTH).

I am looking forward to another happy week with my Ladybug friends,

We wish peace, love and happiness to all the children, all over the world.