So proud of my Ladybugs!

Hello Ladybug Families,

I am so proud of all my lovely Ladybugs! They have all managed a full day of preschool! (despite storm interruptions!) It is a big step for your little ones to say goodbye and begin to function autonomously in a classroom environment. We will be working hard to introduce a predictable structure into our daily preschool sessions, so that your children gain confidence and feel safe and secure with us. If your child is unsure, remind them that Miss Amber and Ms Sarah will love them and keep them safe until you return. Talk about the play materials and routines such as playground time, story-time and snack. We are excited to continue our Ladybug adventures with them!

This week in class we will continue to focus on building our class family. We will begin learning each others names, and we will practice our good morning song. We will also begin learning breathing techniques. We will talk about our safe place in class and how to use it. We will be thinking about how to use different centers in our classroom, and will discuss how to look after our classroom, our toys and each other. So a very busy week ahead!

Some reminders:

  • Snack this week is kindly provided by Alexander’s Family (MWF), and Andrew's Family (T/Th). Please bring in enough snack for 12 children each day. Thanks so much for your support. We don't need any plates/cups or napkins at this time.

  • Please ensure your child has a spare change of clothes in a ziploc bag in their cubby.

  • Please sign up to make a batch of play dough for our classroom. You can sign up on the ladybug page on the CCP website.

  • Please ensure your child wears clothes that are easy for them to remove when using the bathroom. It is also easier and safer to wear closed toe shoes like sneakers, with socks for outside play rather than sandels/crocs that fill with sand and mulch and are slippery on the climbing equipment.

  • Please save paper towel/toilet roll tubes, egg carton's, boxes, lids and any interesting recycled materials, and bring them to class for us to use for model making and crafts.

  • Please bring a picture of your child for their cubby if you have not already done so.

    Thank you so much!

We are looking forward to a wonderful week,

Ms Sarah