Ladybug News!

Hello Ladybug Families,

The Ladybugs have been having so much fun in class this week. But most importantly, we have been getting to know each other and our classroom routines. See if your little ones can sing you our good morning song, or the Ladybug song. We have also been practicing breathing together. We have been working on smelling the flower, and blowing out the candle! 

This week will be very exciting as we continue our music classes with Ms Rebecca, (Monday and Thursday), and our Chapel times with Ms Debbie, (Tuesday and Wednesday).

Our theme in the classroom this week is my home and family. We would love to make a family tree. Please send in a photo of your family that we can add to our tree. Please list your family members on the back of the photo. Talking about families is a great way to show we love and value each child, and that we are eager to get to know the whole family. It is also a great way to initiate language and conversation, and to get children to open up and feel comfortable with us.

Some reminders:

  • Snack this week is kindly provided by Hannah's family (MWF), and Fletcher's family, (T/TH).

  • Please sign up to make play dough for the class on the Ladybug page on the website, we still have a few spots to fill! Password: CCP2018-19. Look on the Ladybug class page

  • Click on the class photo album buttons to see more photos of our Ladybug fun, I add to this each week!!

Wishing you well!