Creating a School Family

Hello Friends,

This week the Ladybugs have been learning all about each other, and our families. If you have a chance, come and look at our family tree in the hall outside our classroom. It has been wonderful to talk to each other about our Moms and Dads, brothers and sisters, Grandmas and Grandpa's, and family pets too! This week we will be focusing on building our own unique class family. We will be working on learning each others names, and how to show love and kindness to each other every day. We will be exploring how each of our Ladybug friends are unique, with their own skills and talents. We will be making our own Ladybug friendship books to take home too!

Some reminders:

  • Snack this week is kindly provided by Iker's Family, (MWF), and Greyson's Family, (T/TH).

  • Check out the Conference sign up form on the Ladybug blog page and make a date for a chat!

  • Smile! This Wednesday 3rd and Thursday 4th October are picture days. We will keep messy play to a minimum!

  • We are excited to introduce Clare Feole to our Friday morning classroom. Clare is studying early years education and will volunteer with us each Friday morning. Clare volunteered in our classroom last year, and is much loved by Ladybug Class! We are excited to have her return and help out.

I am looking forward to a new week with my Ladybug friends!