A Seusstastic Week ahead!

Hello Ladybug Families,

This week in Ladybug class we will be celebrating the work of Dr Seuss, and we will be reading many of his fantastic books. We will be playing in our own Ladybug shoe store, and exploring the Foot Book. We will be counting with 10 apples up on top, making 1 fish, 2 fish art, and studying patterning with the cat in the hat.

Ms Amber and I are looking forward to meeting with you for parent conferences this Tuesday 12th and Wednesday 13th March for parent conferences. Conferences will be held in the classroom. School is closed for students on these days. Please feel free to make play dates in the playground with Ladybug friends while you pop into the classroom to chat.

This week snack is kindly provided by Gabriel's family, (m,f), and Audrey's family,(th).

We wish peace, love and happiness to all the children all over the world.