Happy Easter Ladybug Families!

Hello Ladybugs!

This week in class with our focus on Easter, we will be thinking about new life. We will reflect on the wonder of watching nature around us blossom into Spring. We will be counting eggs in nests, exploring the life cycles of animals and we will be hunting for eggs on our very own Easter egg hunt!

In class these past weeks we have been drawing spring pictures on each others backs, as a way of developing nurturing relationships with each other, and learning to relax through gentle touch. Ask your little ladybugs to draw some spring pictures on your back . Combining this with slow deep breathing together is a wonderful way to release stress.

  • Snack this week is kindly provided by Keito’s family, (M/W), and Joshua’s family, (T/Th).

  • School is closed this Friday 19th April for Easter.

We wish peace, love and happiness to all the children all over the world,