December Happenings!

'Tis the season to be busy!  Below are a few of the “happenings” in the Blue Whale classroom during this holiday season:

  • Today, your child brought home an Advent chain. Please help them find a place to hang it. They should tear off one link each day beginning Saturday, December 1st. This is a great math activity as it can be used to "count down" the days until Christmas. When they reach the "golden" loop, it will be Christmas Day!

  • Next week we will continue our study of fairy tales and will be comparing and contrasting The Gingerbread Man and The Gingerbread Baby stories. On Tuesday, the children will decorate and eat gingerbread cookies for their "special" snack! Thank you to Sydney’s family for providing the cut outs.

  • During the remainder of December, we will learn about the true meaning of Christmas and be busy as elves making gifts for loved ones. We will also be learning Christmas songs and sharing the joy of the season with our families at our school wide Christmas Concert and Cookie event on Wednesday, December 19th from 11:00 - 12:00. The program will begin in the Sanctuary and then move into Ascension Hall for cookies and fellowship. A sign up will be coming soon for help with this event. Please plan to take your child home with you at noon that day (instead of our usual dismissal time of 1:00). We hope you and your family will be able to join us!

Finally,  a few thank you's and reminders:

  • We'd like to thank Braxton and his family for providing snack this past week, including special items for our 3 Little Pig houses! Thanks in advance to Sydney and Allison's families for providing snack for the remaining weeks in December.

  • A huge thank you to Jennifer Crook and Leigh Wilfley for helping with Christmas related Triple P projects!

  • Thank you to Quinn and her family for providing Christmas books for our little readers.

Wishing you well,