Fun With Friends!

This week we talked about what it means to be a good friend.  We discussed our feelings and what to do if a friend makes you mad. We also learned about our classroom "safe place" and different ways to breath in order to help us feel better. Our classroom now has a “kindness tree” and several of our students have already shown acts of kindness and placed a heart on our tree.

Yesterday, Ms. Missy and I began teaching the students how to efficiently hold a pencil using a tripod grasp.  This grasp involves 3 "busy" fingers (thumbkin, pointer and middleman) holding the pencil and 2 "sleeping" fingers (ringman and pinky) holding onto a pillow (for ex. a cotton ball).  We will be working on efficient tripod grasps with your child at school this year, but feel free to reinforce these concepts at home.  I will have some handouts for you on efficient grasps and children's fine motor development at the parent/teacher conferences in October, if you are interested in learning more.  

We hope your child enjoyed our Friendship Fair today.  It was fun to see and play with our Yellow Duck friends. Thank you, once again, to Joie, Kirstin and Yan, for making this event possible and to Kate for providing bananas for our snack.  I've added a few more pictures to our class photo album, including some from today.

Please click here to see them.

Next week, we will be learning more about each other's families.  Thanks for providing pictures for our upcoming "family flower pot" project and a fun "baby guessing" game.  Also next week, your child will have a chance to earn their skill ring token for knowing their birthday. This is one of the 3 tokens that may need some extra help from home.  

Thank you’s:

  • To Madeleine and her family for providing library books on friends and families.

  • To Reese’s family, in advance, for providing snack next week.

  • To everyone who provided jackets and stickers.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend and enjoy this delightful weather!