Happy Thanksgiving!

We hope you enjoyed our Thanksgiving celebration today! Ms. Missy and I are so proud of our little Blue Whale friends! We think they did a fantastic job! Thanks again to everyone who contributed and attended today.

I’ve updated our class photo album with some photos from November.

Click here or on the Blue Whale photo album button to view them.

Thank you also for all the sweet cards and the cookies for my birthday. I truly appreciate your thoughtfulness.

A couple of reminders and thank you’s in advance:

  • Next week, snack will be provided by Braxton’s family.

  • Ava’s family is making fresh play dough for December.

  • Quinn’s family will be bringing library books on Fairy Tales and Christmas.

Finally, there is no school tomorrow or Thursday. We hope you enjoy your Thanksgiving break with family and friends, and we look forward to seeing you next Monday, November 26th, as we begin our unit on Fairy Tales!