Friendship Fair Volunteers

Hi Blue Whale Parents,


On Thursday, September 19th, the Blue Whales will be having a Friendship Fair with the other 4 year old class, the Yellow Ducks.  I am looking for 3 parent volunteers to help out with this fun event from around 9:45 to 11:15. 


Each volunteer will be asked to lead a group of 6 students (3 from the Whale class and 3 from the Duck class) through 6 different “stations”.  (3 craft stations, 1 snack station, 1 obstacle course station and 1 music station with Ms. Melissa).


We will take volunteers on a first come, first serve basis….just email me if you are interested. Remember… please click on the CLICK HERE to email Linda directly link at the top of this blog post. Do not hit “reply” to this email as that will go to Debbie Arena. (No younger siblings please, because you will be in charge of a group.)



Linda & Missy