April 18 post - Happy Easter!

Dear CCP Families,

        We have certainly been enjoying our playgrounds on these lovely spring days! You are also welcome to stay after 1:00 and play on the playgrounds. Please remember to put any trash into the dumpster so we don’t attract wasps and other insects.

GOOD FRIDAY - Preschool is closed on Good Friday, April 19th.

PRESCHOOL SUNDAY - I hope you will come support and celebrate Christ Church Preschool On Sunday, April 28 at the 9:45 service!!  The Ladybugs, Ducks, and Whales will sing at the start of the service. (Please bring your child to the disciple room at 9:30 to warm up.) There is a nursery provided for younger children in the Frog room. Everyone is welcome at Christ Church!

        TUITION DUE MAY 1- If your child will attend CCP next year, then your Pre-Paid May 2020 tuition is due on May 1, 2019. Thanks for paying your fees on time. Frogs = $197; TTH Ladybugs = $197; MWF Ladybugs = $274; Whales = $359; Ducks = $408

SURVEYS - Thank you for taking two minutes to respond to the survey that was sent out this past Monday. We sincerely appreciate your positive comments and your suggestions for improvement.

TEACHERS - Looking ahead we will have a staff meeting on April 30 from 12:30-2:00. Your lunch will be provided!

LEARN AND TEACH A NEW SKILL - Loving Guidance Associate, Jill Molli, tells us "A child's success is often the result of an adult's growth.  When we learn a new skill and teach it to children instead of expecting or demanding they stop a behavior, children will meet and surpass our expectations."

I hope you have a lovely Easter! I wish you well,


April 11 post - Preschool Sunday, VBS, Sharing books, and more!

Dear CCP Family,

PHOTOS went very well this week. I’m glad we moved Tuesday photos to Thursday since Thursday’s weather was lovely! Photo Specialties will bring a packet of proofs for you to preview. Then you can decide if you want to order prints. I’ll notify you when to look for proof packages in your cubbies. (If your child was absent and you want a photo, please call Photo Specialties and Nan will meet you at their studio to take your child’s photo.)

BOOKS TO SHARE? - We are collecting gently used books to share with children who may not have many books to read. These books will be sent to Anchor Church in Wilmington. They will be distributed to children at the Children’s Street Fair that is held in one of the most challenged neighborhoods in Wilmington. You may place your books in the bin in the hallway. Thank you for sharing!

CHAPEL LESSON - PALM SUNDAY - This week in Chapel we learned that Jesus was going into Jerusalem.  He chose to ride into the city on a small donkey instead of a big horse.  We think he wanted people to understand that He was coming in peace.  He did not want to look like a general on a horse who was coming to fight. Many people came to see Jesus.  They waved palm branches and shouted “Hosanna”. Help your child look for palm branches at church this coming Sunday.

PRESCHOOL BOARD - CCP Board will meet Monday, April 15 at 7:30pm in Ascension Hall.

GOOD FRIDAY - CCP will be closed on Good Friday, April 19.

PRESCHOOL SUNDAY - I hope you will join us in worship on Sunday, April 28 at 9:45 (Please arrive at 9:30 for your children to “warm up” their voices in the disciple room off of Ascension Hall!) Our Ladybugs, Ducks, and Whales will sing near the beginning of the worship service. There is also a nursery for younger children in the Frog room. ALL are welcome at Christ Church.

CHRIST CHURCH VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL - Ladybugs, Ducks, and Whales are invited to register for Christ Church’s Vacation Bible School, June 17-21. This year’s theme is called Rolling River Rampage - Experience the Ride of a Lifetime with God! Click here to learn more and to register : https://vbspro.events/p/events/dcfd8c

A CONSCIOUS DISCIPLINE REMINDER - “Positive intent upshifts the brain from the lower centers to the higher centers and frames situations in a way that all parties in a conflict can problem-solve together.” (p. 264 Conscious Discipline) Remember to look at your child through eyes of love even when they are on your last nerve! ;-) The key phrase for the skill of positive intent is I AM WILLING TO SEE THE BEST IN OTHERS.

I wish you well,


April 4 post - Welcome back from Spring break!

Dear CCP Family,

    How nice to be back together with our preschool family this week! I hope you all enjoyed your spring break. Can you believe there are only two months left in this school year?

PRESCHOOL SUNDAY - Mark your calendar! - CCP will be recognized and celebrated at the 9:45 Christ Church worship service on Sunday, April 28. We would love for all our preschool families to attend! Our Whales, Ducks, and Ladybugs will sing at the start of the service with their music teacher, Ms. Rebecca. Childcare/nursery is provided for younger children. ALL are welcome at Christ Church!

SMILE! IT’S PICTURE DAY! - Photo Specialties will take individual and class photos outdoors on the following days:

  • Tuesday, April 9 - Whales, TTH Ladybugs, TTH Frogs

  • Wednesday, April 10 - Ducks, MWF Ladybugs, MW Frogs

If you want a sibling or parent/child photo, please come around 8:45 and the photographers will be happy to work with you. They are usually out front under the bell tower.

SHARE YOUR BOOKS - Are your book cases at home overflowing?? CCP will collect gently used books for Anchor Church in Wilmington. The church will pass these books out to children at the children’s street fair. Look for a bin in the hallway next week.

GOOD FRIDAY - Looking ahead - CCP will be closed on Good Friday, April 19.

     TAKE A BREATH! - You've probably heard the CCP teachers and children talk about breathing or being a S.T.A.R. (Smile, Take a deep breath And Relax) We do a lot of deep breathing at preschool! Because of the constant pressure of stress in our lives, many of us do not breathe naturally.  We tend to take quick, shallow breaths from the top of our chests.  As a result our brains do not get enough oxygen to function optimally.  This makes us tense, irritable, and reduces our ability to think clearly. (Conscious Discipline, p. 105)

This is why we teach the children to breathe deeply and often to keep their brains alert, yet calm.  We also want the children to develop the habit of taking deep, calming breaths when they feel upset.  This gives them a strategy to use to re-gain control.  When you become aware of your upset and you know a strategy to help calm yourself, that's powerful!

     In Easy to Love, Difficult to Discipline (p. 15), Dr. Bailey tells us, "If you try to direct a child's behavior through fear and manipulation, he will learn to use the same strategies - on you."  Would you like to learn a better way?  Then please visit www.consciousdiscipline.com or ask Debbie to borrow the book or the DVD's.

I wish you well,


CCP - Spring Break and important April dates (posted 3/21/19)

Dear CCP Family,

     CHAPEL - This week in Chapel we discussed SALT and LIGHT (Matthew 5:13-20). Light, in particular, resonates with our preschoolers. We sing “This Little Light of Mine” each day as we leave Chapel time. We talk about carrying our “light” into the world - which for a preschooler means sharing God’s love through our acts of kindness at home and at school.

      SPRING BREAK - Our Spring Break is next week, March 25 - 29.  We return to preschool On Monday, April 1.

CARDS FOR A CAUSE - Thanks for your generous participation in our Cards for a Cause fundraiser! Your boxes of cards will arrive in early April. Totals are still rolling in, but I think we have exceeded our goal! More info to come…

DONATION - Please remember another way to support CCP is by your annual tax-deductible donation. At the beginning of the year we suggested $75 per family. If you haven’t been able to make that donation, it is welcome anytime!

      PLEASE MARK YOUR CALENDAR!  It's picture day!  SMILE! Individual and group photos will be April 9 (Whales & TTH classes) & April 10 (Ducks & MW(F) classes) during the preschool morning. Our spring photos are taken outside by Photo Specialties.

SAVE THE DATE! Please come celebrate Christ Church Preschool at the 9:45 worship service on Sunday, April 28. Our Ladybugs, Ducks, and Whales will sing at the beginning of the service with our music teacher, Ms. Rebecca. It is a day to celebrate CCP with the families of Christ Church. ALL are welcome!! I’ll put more information into your cubbies, but for now, please save the date.

      CONSCIOUS DISCIPLINE MOMENT - Heads up!  Here comes a tiny, but IMPORTANT distinction...... It is critical that you ask, "How do you feel?" instead of saying, "How would that make you feel."  Self-regulation requires children to own their feelings.  Attributing the cause of their feelings to outside situations or people by using "make you" language yields blame and derails the process.   ~from Dr. Bailey's Feeling Buddies Curriculum, p. 7

Whether you are traveling or just enjoying some time at home, I hope your spring break is just what you dreamed of!  I wish you safe travels, family fun, and rest!


March 18 through Spring Break (posted March 14)

Dear CCP Family,

      It is so good to be back with my preschool family this week! Thank you kindly for the thoughtful gestures of caring and concern that you have shown me. Happy St. Patrick's Day this Sunday!

    THANK YOU - for taking time to talk with your child’s teachers this week. A HOME - SCHOOL partnership benefits your child in so many ways! We appreciate your time and the chance to share our classroom perspective and observations with you. Teachers, I sincerely appreciate all your preparations!

CARDS FOR A CAUSE - Folks are loving the beautiful, inexpensive card boxes! Thanks for the orders we have received so far. You may order until Wed, March 20.

SUMMER CAMP - We have just a few more spaces in the June 4-7 summer camp! Ladybugs, Ducks, and Whales may attend. See Debbie or Melissa for an application.

     DVD’S - If anyone has preschool copies of the Conscious Discipline DVD's that have become "buried' in your other videos, please return them to me before the end of the school year. Thanks!  If you want more from Dr. Bailey, order her book Easy to Love, Difficult to Discipline.  It will give you the seven basic skills for turning conflict into cooperation!

     BOARD - The CCP Board will meet on Monday, March 18 at 7:30pm in Ascension Hall. Members, please make every effort to be present.

    SPRING BREAK -  Please note that CCP will be closed for Spring Break March 25-29. We return to preschool on April 1 (no fooling!)

     Looking ahead at the APRIL calendar.....

April 5 - Financial aid applications due

     April 9 - Individual and class photos for Whales and TTH classes

  April 10 - Individual and class photos for Ducks and MW(F) classes

April 15 - Board meeting 7:30pm

April 19 - Good Friday - preschool closed

April 28 - Preschool Sunday at the 9:45 worship service

     From Creating the School Family (p. 23) by Dr Becky Bailey..... An attuned, responsive adult can help children build their capacity to put additional moments between the impulse and the action.  With the capacity to put a moment between a feeling and an action, children can take time to think, plan and come up with an appropriate response to the current challenge.  We call this skill "self-regulation."

I wish you well,



CCP - Important items for your calendar! (March 7 post)

Dear CCP Families,

I have sincerely missed you while I’ve been out taking care of my parents! My plan is to return to the preschool office on Monday. Thanks for your patience and your prayers.   

Most Thursdays around 7:00pm you receive an email telling you that there is a new blog post from me.  I like to maintain that schedule because then you know what to expect.  You can "safely predict" that you will receive preschool information from me at that time each week.  Routine is important for children, too!  Dr. Becky Bailey tells us, "The brain is pattern-seeking.  The more consistent your routines, the easier it is for the brain to pick up the pattern.  If there is a consistent routine, the brain picks up the pattern, the child feels safe, and his neurological resources can be used for learning and exploration."  (ConsciousDiscipline.com) Therefore, do your best to have a routine for getting dressed in the morning, cleaning up toys, having meals together, and getting ready for bed at night.  Your child's brain will pick up the pattern and most tasks will flow more smoothly.  I wish you well with establishing and maintaining your routines!

Summer Camp - We have a few more spots in CCP summer camp (June 4-7) Camp is for current Ladybugs, Ducks, and Whales. See Melissa or Debbie to sign up!

Cards for a Cause - Please make checks to CCP and place check and order form in the envelope on the preschool office door. There will be a table set up Friday and next Monday, as well as the week of March 18 so you can see samples of the cards. I’m excited about this! I want to hurry back and make my order!

Scholarship - If you need financial assistance, scholarship applications for 2019-20 are due by April 5, 2019.

Illness Policy - Please remember our policy regarding illness - Your child must be free of diarrhea and vomiting for a MINIMUM of 24 hours before he or she may return to class. That means…. if they are sick the night before, then awake feeling good in the morning, they still need to stay home another day.

     Here are some more important dates and events:

March 10 - Daylight Saving Time begins (Spring forward Saturday night!)

March 12 & 13 - Parent/Teacher Conferences - Sign up on your class page on the website. Feel free to use our playgrounds to share childcare with other families while you take turns conferencing.

Looking ahead:

March 18 - CCP Board meets at 7:30 in Ascension Hall

March 25-29 - Spring Break for CCP

April 9 - Individual and Class photos for Whales and TTH classes (during the school day)

April 10 - Individual and Class photos for Ducks and MWF classes (during the school day)

"If you play with your children regularly, power struggles will diminish."  ~Easy to Love, Difficult to Discipline p.118)

I wish you well and I look forward to being back with my preschool family next week,




Feb. 28 - Reminders from CCP

Dear CCP Families,

It’s hard to believe we are coming up on March! I honestly “lost” February in the alternate universe called the hospital, where there is no night or day, just a weird time continuum that blends one day into the next. My mother is finally making some little bits of progress, hopefully enough that she will no longer need me to stay overnight with her. I’m hoping to be able to return to my beloved CCP very soon. I miss you so much! Thanks for the smooth way you carried on in my absence. I am filled with gratitude for Melissa, Jane, the teachers, and the families, who never let our program miss a beat.

I almost always post my blog on Thursday nights, but today I had some time to prepare it, so you will get the emailed notification tonight (Wednesday). You may also click into the blog and see all the previous blog posts from your teacher or from me.

ASH WEDNESDAY - There will be services at Christ Church on Ash Wed, March 6, at 12:15 and 7:00pm

     CONFERENCE SIGN UPs - I hope you were successful at finding the conference sign-ups for your class.  Parent-Teacher Conferences will be March 12 & 13.  CCP is closed on spring conference days. Please share a playdate with another parent and take turns conferencing. Feel free to meet up on our playground!

SCHOLARSHIPS - For families who may want to apply for a 2019-20 scholarship (based on financial need) please email Debbie directly and I’ll send you the application. The scholarship application has a deadline of Friday, April 5. It requires the completed application, your most recent tax return, and a recent pay stub. It is confidential.

CARDS FOR A CAUSE! - We have discovered a unique new program that offers a product you may all want AND supports CCP! Usborne Books and More has the most unique boxes of greeting cards! Watch your cubbie for information and I’ll have samples to show you on March 5 & 6. The well-organized boxes of beautiful cards cost $30 per box for 30 cards! ($1 for a card?? - that’s a real bargain!) And here’s the best part….CCP earns $13 for each box sold! WOW! (I know what my mom and sister-in-laws are getting for Mother’s Day!) Watch your cubbies for information. The sale will run 3/4 through 3/20.

     TEACHERS - We have a staff meeting at 12:30 on Tuesday, March 5.

    LOOKING AHEAD TO SCHOOL PHOTOS -  CCP Individual and class photos will be made outside by Photo Specialties, our spring photographer. Nan of Photo Specialties is going to get back with me regarding dates and I’ll let you know as soon as I can. Let's hope for sunshine!

    EMOTIONS - Our emotions are "BIG" feelings.  Dr. Becky Bailey helps us understand what these emotions are communicating..... Anxious says "Get more information."  Scared says, "Help me feel safe and protected."  Angry says, "Calm down and change."  Frustrated says, "See or do things differently." ~ from Managing Emotional Mayhem, by Dr. Becky Bailey

Wishing you well this first weekend of March,


Feb 14 post - Supply fees, summer camp, preschool closed

Hello CCP Families,

Thank you for all the prayers and love that your are sending my way while I care( nearly round the clock) for my sweet mother. Her name is Joyce. She was able to leave the critical care unit and move to a regular hospital room, which is remarkable. She is quite fragile right now, but is making tiny baby steps of progress. We are hoping to be able to move her to rehab soon. I am working on getting some people to help with her care so that I can soon return to you. I REALLY REALLY miss you!!!!!!!!! Thanks again to Ms. Melissa and Ms. Jane and all the staff who are taking care of things at CCP.

PANCAKES & PJ’s - I saw some photos of Pancakes and PJ’s. It looked like so much fun! I know it’s a favorite day every year. Thanks to the Crooks and to all of you who helped make this memory for our little ones.

    SUPPLY FEE DUE - Please remember that 2019-20 supply fees are due Friday, Feb. 15th.  This fee indicates that you will attend next year and holds your spot at CCP.  Please pay on time or speak to Melissa about special arrangements.  We have several families on waiting lists that would like a spot. Thanks!

     PARKING REMINDER - On Mondays and Thursdays (our music class days) please leave the first parking space nearest the Ascension Hall door (in the little upper lot) for our music teacher, Ms. Rebecca.  She hauls a lot a lot of materials for music class.  She also teaches at other preschools so she has to make a "quick entrance and exit."  Thank you for your kindness in this area!

     CAMP - Ladybugs, Ducks, and Whales, you received camp information and registrations earlier this week. If you’d like us to hold a spot for your child, please bring your registration form and payment as soon as possible. If there are remaining spots, I would like to offer them to church members.

     PRESCHOOL CLOSED - Preschool is closed next Monday and Tuesday, Feb. 18 & 19.  Monday is Presidents' Day and Tuesday is a teacher workday.  The teachers and I will be working in our classrooms, meeting, and preparing for the March parent-teacher conferences.  The sign ups for conferences will be posted on your teacher's page on Monday, Feb. 25. 

     VISIT OUR WEBSITE - When my blog or your teacher's blog arrives in your email, please remember to click into the website from there.  Your teacher's page has a calendar for the year, sign up sheets, and photos.   There is much more than just the emailed blogpost and we want you to have ALL the information!  (If you have forgotten the password, it is included in the packet the teachers gave you at the beginning of the year.) Also remember in order to email your teacher click at the top where it says to contact Ms. ____click here. If you just hit reply, your email comes to me instead of your teacher.

LOOKING AHEAD TO CARDS FOR A CAUSE! - We have discovered a unique new program that offers a product you may all want! Usborne Books and More has the most unique boxes of greeting cards! I’ll have samples soon to show you. The boxes of beautiful cards cost $30 per box for 30 cards! ($1 for a card?? - that’s a bargain!) And here’s the best part….CCP earns $13 for each box sold! WOW! (I know what my mom and sister-in-laws are getting for Mother’s Day!) We will plan the sale for March. I’ll have more info soon, but just wanted to share this great new idea with you.

     CONSCIOUS DISCIPLINE TIP #1 - When you feel angry, have you ever said this?...."You don't care about anybody but yourself!"  Dr. Bailey tells us when you need to let off steam like that, first breathe and then say, "When you keep ignoring me and what I am telling you, I feel angry."  (paraphrased from Easy to Love, Difficult to Discipline, p.90)  I'm wishing us all well as we make these subtle, but powerful changes in our communications.

CONSCIOUS DISCIPLINE TIP #2 -  Becky Bailey tells us, "Discipline and punishment are two different things.  Discipline is based on love, is consistent and focuses on cooperation.  Discipline sets expectations and helps find solutions to problems.  Punishment is based on fear and focuses on intimidation, threats or bribes."  To learn more, you may visit www.consciousdiscipline.com, purchase the book, or request to borrow the DVD's from me.

During this Valentine month, we focus a lot on LOVE.  I just want to take a moment to tell you how much I love all our preschool families!  I appreciate the support you show us as we prepare high quality educational environments and activities for your children.  Happy Valentine's Day!

Have a great long weekend and I wish you well!




Newer Post

     Hope you have a lovely long weekend!  It sounds like the weather will be quite spring-like.  Enjoy!


Valentines & Supply Fees due - Feb. 7 post

Dear CCP Family,

This post should have gone out on Feb. 7. I apologize that it’s late. Unfortunately my mom has been in ICU due to many serious complications after breaking her hip. Right now I am needed to be with my mom and dad. I sure miss all my little friends’ smiling faces!! I sincerely appreciate Melissa and Jane, and all the teachers who are taking care of our preschool family while I’m away. I am sending you love and well wishes everyday.

      The Valentine’s Dance was a huge success! Thanks to all who came and also helped. Special thanks to Alexis, Kelsi, Jane, and Melissa for set up, decorations, and food. It was great to see so many preschool families having fun together!

PANCAKES & PJ’S - Our next school-wide event is Pancakes and PJ’s on Feb. 12 (Ducks & TTH classes) and Feb. 13 (Whales & MWF classes). Here is the link to volunteer: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/10C084FA4A72FA0F58-ccps You will most likely want to volunteer on the day your child’s class will attend. (Ducks on Tuesday and Whales on Wednesday) Feel free to join us in your pj’s! Extra-special thanks to Jennifer and Brian Crook who coordinate this fun event!

       VALENTINE'S DAY is Thursday, Feb. 14. (Follow your teacher's instructions about when/how to celebrate in your child's class.) 

       SUPPLY FEES for 2019-20 are due by noon on Friday, Feb. 15.  This fee secures your spot in the class for next year.  Please pay your fees on time or let us know if your plans have changed.  We have children on all waiting lists who would like spots at CCP.  Thank you!


PRESCHOOL SUNDAY - Please mark your calendar for Sunday, April 28 at 9:45. We will celebrate Preschool Sunday in the 9:45 worship service that day. I’m hoping that our 3’s and 4’s can come sing at the beginning of the service with Ms. Rebecca. We will let you know all details soon. For now, just save that date!

       SUMMER CAMP - I will email the summer camp information and registration form to you.  You may bring in your paperwork and check for $150 to my office first come, first served.  There will be some paper copies in the hallway if you are unable to print at home.  (Remember, camp is for children in our Ladybugs, Ducks, and Whales classes.)

       WANT TO SERVE ON THE PRESCHOOL BOARD next year? -  We would love to have you join us!  Your service would be sincerely appreciated AND it's a great opportunity to get to know other preschool parents.  If you’re interested, please contact Alexis Besosa Oshman at acbesosa@hotmail.com. Thanks for your consideration.

        In CONSCIOUS DISCIPLINE, Dr. Becky Bailey reminds us, "Allowing children to reflect on their choices rather than judging, placing guilt, blaming, or rescuing them gives children access to the internal feedback necessary for them to take responsibility for their actions and make better choices in the future."

I wish you well,


Class placements, Pancakes & PJ's, and Family Valentine Dance (Jan. 31 post)

Dear CCP Family,

     If you are returning to CCP next year, you will receive an email and find a letter in your cubbie, on your next school day, informing you of class placement for 2019-20.  Please note that your supply fee, which holds your spot, is due by Friday, Feb. 15, 2019. ($195 total for 2 & 3 days, $225 total for 4 & 5 days)

 LET’S DANCE! - The Family Valentine Dance is tomorrow, Friday, Feb. 1 from 6:30-8:30!  There will be music, dancing, a photo booth, & sweet treats!  Put on your dancing shoes and bring the whole family for some FUN and FELLOWSHIP.  This was a favorite event last year among our preschool families. Hope you will join us! If you are available to help, please follow this link for the Sign Up Genius:


     LET’S EAT PANCAKES IN OUR PJ’S - We will enjoy Pancakes & PJ's on Feb. 12 & 13!  Ducks and TTH classes will wear pjs and eat pancakes in Ascension Hall at 10:00 on Tuesday (2-12-19).  Whales and MW(F) classes will wear pjs and eat pancakes in Ascension Hall at 10:00 on Wednesday (2-13-19).  Thank you to all our families who participate in this fun event!  We have parents who set-up, cook and serve, clean up, or just come watch the fun! (It is fine to bring siblings to this event with their parent or caregiver.)  Warning:  Your child will smell faintly of syrup for the remainder of the day! ;-)

VALENTINE’S DAY - Happy Valentine’s Day on Feb. 14! Your teacher will give you instructions on how they will celebrate in their classroom.

     Looking ahead:

     SUMMER CAMP - We will soon announce our 2018 Summer Camp at CCP.  We will offer camp June 4-7 for our current Ladybugs, Ducks, and Whales.  Campers must be toilet trained.  When plans are finalized, I will email you and accept your registrations first come, first served.  Camp is 9:00-1:00 Tuesday through Friday.  Your child will wear a bathing suit and bring a lunch from home.  Snacks and all craft supplies are provided.  Camp is $150 per child.  More info to come...

     From Easy to Love, Difficult to Discipline (p. 3) - "Self-control is the ability to reach out and empathize with others, to accept and celebrate differences, to communicate feelings directly, to resolve conflicts in constructive ways, and to enjoy feeling close and connected to others."

I hope you have a lovely weekend and I wish you well,



February is fast approaching! (Includes notes about using a picture schedule) - Jan. 24 post

Dear CCP Family,

     Just a few days of January left! February holds so many special activities.  Be sure to read this letter and all communication from your child's teacher so you can participate in the fun.

     Our Whales and Ducks will go to the Planetarium on Wednesday, Jan. 30.  Whales and Ducks, please remember to arrive early that day!  You will walk to the bus at 8:30 sharp!  I hope you enjoy this special day.

     The CCP Admissions Committee will hold the 2019-20 class placement lottery on Friday, Feb. 1.  We will email as soon as possible with the results and then you will receive a followup letter with all details.  We will do our best to honor as many first choices as possible.  (Frog families, hopefully you read and understood the letter about class placement.  I know most of you want the MWF Ladybugs, but we can only accommodate 12 children in that class.  If your name is not pulled in the lottery for MWF, you will be placed in TTH.  If any movement occurs after the lottery, we will try to get you moved to your first choice.)

    Sometimes you've just gotta' dance! Please join us in Ascension Hall on Friday, Feb. 1 for the Family Valentine Dance!  Bring the whole family anytime between 6:30 and 8:30pm.  There will be lots of dancing, a photo booth, and some sweet treats.  All ages are invited - from infants to in-laws!  Last year's dance was so much FUN!  Put on your dancing shoes and let's boogie!

  Save the date for Pancakes and PJ's - On Tuesday and Wednesday, Feb. 12 & 13, our students can wear their pajamas to preschool and enjoy delicious pancakes and fruit at 10:00 in Ascension Hall! (Ducks and TTH classes will wear pj's & eat on Tuesday.  Whales and MW(F) classes will wear pj's & eat on Wednesday.)  More info to come... 

     From Dr. Bailey's Feeling Buddies Curriculum, "Much like adults create written to-do lists and record appointments on a calendar, picture outlines of everyday routines provide predictability and safety for children.  Instead of expecting them to remember, visuals provide developmentally appropriate tools to help them remember."   You have probably noticed that each of our classrooms has a picture schedule of the day.  The teachers refer to it during the day to let the children know what comes next and how they are progressing through the school day.  Some classes even have helpful visuals to remind children of toileting and hand-washing routines.  You can post pictures at home for how to clean up toys, the steps to feed the dog, how to brush your teeth, or even how to get dressed in the morning!  You can also put these pictures in a little book that you can "read" anytime you are preparing for the event.  You can easily find little pictures online.  I wish you well!

Have a lovely weekend,


Substitutes, Applications & Conscious Discipline (Jan. 17, 2019 post)

Dear CCP Families,

      Many of you have said how much you appreciate the Conscious Discipline tidbits I share with you. I’m so glad! I can honestly say that Conscious Discipline has changed my life. It began as a way I interacted with children, but it has become much more! I have now internalized the strategies and the language of C. D., so that I actually think in these terms. I use these skills professionally, but also personally in my life. Old dogs CAN learn new tricks!!

Your 2019-20 applications for currently enrolled students and siblings are due tomorrow, Jan. 18th! Thanks for getting these to me so I can evaluate where we stand with current families before giving consideration to new applications.

I know many of you have been frustrated with parking issues this week. I’m sorry for the inconvenience. A program called Shared Learning, who offers classes for seniors, is renting space in the church office building. This was their first week to meet, so many were confused about which building and where to park. Hopefully it will soon settle down a bit, but know that now there WILL be more cars parked in the area on a daily basis. Thank you for your patience. There is also occasionally ice in he mornings in the back lot. I will try to be aware of that and put sand or salt out on really cold days. Please use caution.

Thank you to all parents who are on our Substitute List! This is a time of year when we often need subs, so we would love to have a few more names on our list. If you’re willing to serve as a substitute teacher, please send me your name, email, and best phone number to use. (Subs do NOT have to have an education degree. The teacher or assistant teacher will tell you exactly what to do. You only need to care about children and have the desire to be helpful in the classroom.) You will even a earn a little pay for your efforts!

Preschool is closed on Monday, Jan. 21 in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. day.

        Teachers, our next staff meeting is Tues, Jan. 22 at 12:30.

        Save the February date..... Friday night, February 1 from 6:30-8:30 is our annual Christ Church and Preschool Family Valentine's Dance!  This was so much fun last year!!!  I hope you will plan to come.  We danced from serious to silly, took funny photos in the photo booth, had snacks, and enjoyed time with our families and friends.  More details will come, but please mark your calendar now.

Another Feb. date for your calendar….. One of our fav's, Pancakes and PJ's, will take place on Feb. 12 (TTH classes and Ducks) and Feb. 13 (MWF classes and Whales) at 10:00am.  Your parent rep will be sending details on how to participate in this fun event.  Adults and little siblings are welcome to join us in your pajamas!

        Dr. Becky Bailey tells us, “When you are upset, pivot. Say to yourself, ‘If I’m upset, I’m focusing on what I don’t want. Do I want more of this in my life?’ If the answer is no, breathe deeply. Then tell your child what TO DO and why.” (The “why” should use safety language as much as possible.) 

I wish you well,






I wish you well,


CCP - January is here and how to be a S.T.A.R. (Jan. 10 post)

Hi CCP Family,

    I know you are happy to have your children back at preschool and in a routine again after the holidays! When families are all together and out of our routines for an extended time, sometimes our “buttons” get pushed. Remember, Dr. Bailey reminds us in Easy to Love, Difficult to Discipline (p. 22) that “Children learn self-discipline in 3 stages: 1) They find the limits by experimenting. 2) They retest their findings by repeatedly doing what they were told not to (including teasing/provoking & pushing your buttons) to see if the limit is firm. 3) If the limit proves firm, they internalize it.” So, know that your children are just doing their jobs when they test your limits. Keep the limits firm so the children can internalize them.

     Please remember that 2019-20 preschool applications for currently-enrolled families are due by Friday, Jan. 18.  If you are unable to print the application from the website, please pick up a paper copy in the folder outside my office.  Thanks!  

     IMPORTANT blog post reminder:  To respond to your teacher on the emailed blog, you must click the link at the top where it says "To reply to Ms. ____, click here."  Unfortunately, the way it is set up, if you just click "reply," your message actually comes to me.  Of course, I will try to forward your message, but it may not be as timely. Thanks!

     Please remember that preschool is closed for Martin Luther King, Jr. day on Monday, January 21.  (Preschool Board members, our Jan. meeting is scheduled for Jan. 14 since the 21st is a holiday.)

There is also a blood drive in Ascension Hall on Tuesday, Jan. 15.

Ladybugs, your lunch bunch begins on Wed or Thurs, Jan. 16 & 17! Ms. Sarah and Ms. Amber put a letter in your cubbies explaining what to bring for lunch. Thank you for being aware of our children with allergies and keeping everyone safe when packing your child’s lunch! Pick up on lunch days is 1:00.

     As you know, we do a lot of "intentional breathing" at preschool.  Often we call it being a S.T.A.R. (Smile, Take a deep breath And Relax.) Conscious Discipline tells us "Consciously breathing releases toxins from the body, improves the immune system, balances the nervous system, turns off the stress response, facilitates weight loss, helps release unhealthy memories and stifled emotions, and integrates our brain to engage the higher centers for optimal functioning."   (Feeling Buddies Curriculum, p. 70)  So anytime you feel stressed, remember to be a S.T.A.R!  Three slow, deep "belly breaths" can really help calm you and reset your system.  If your child is too upset in the moment to breathe, then you breathe for them.  Even just holding them close to you and breathing deeply can "download" your calm to them and help them move to the higher centers of the brain.  (Just make sure that you are calm and conscious first!)

I wish you well,


Happy New Year & the Top 4 Things about the Brain

Dear CCP Family,

        Happy new year!  I hope 2019 brings us all health, love, and peace.  Though it’s a short week, it is great to hear the children’s giggles and to be together again. 

        Please remember that January tuition is due.  We have extended the deadline to noon on Thursday, Jan. 10.  Ms Melissa is very generous with that deadline so please pay on time so she doesn’t have to send reminders. Thanks for paying your fees on time.

        It is time to register for the 2019-20 school year.  You can find the application on our website and I also sent one by email on Wednesday.  Every currently-enrolled child is guaranteed a place for next year, but we can't guarantee that it will be in your first choice class. We will do our best!  Currently enrolled applications are due by Friday, Jan 18.  Please invite your friends to apply to CCP also!  New families have until Jan. 31 to apply.

        Ladybugs, your lunch bunch begins this month on Jan 16 and 17!  How exciting!  Ms. Sarah will send you all the details and your pick-up time on lunch day will be 1:00pm.

        Hopefully we won’t have anymore weather delays/closings this year! However, January is a good time to review our inclement weather policy from your parent handbook:

If Chapel Hill – Carrboro City Schools close due to the weather, then Christ Church Preschool will also close.  If Chapel Hill – Carrboro City Schools delay their starting time by one or two hours, then Christ Church Preschool will open for students at 10:00 a.mIf CHCCS delay by 3 hours, then CCP will close.  When in doubt, please check your email for an announcement or call the preschool number (919-969-1690) for a recorded message.  In the case of a power outage, listen to WCHL 1360 AM for an announcement. The preschool will not make up or refund tuition for days missed due to inclement weather.  (I usually try to have the announcement about closures sent to your email by 7:00am.)

         Please make sure your child has warm outerwear during the winter months.  The children usually go outside for a brief walk in the fresh air even on very cold days. Even if your child does not wear a coat in the car, please bring a coat and place it in the cubbie for outdoor time. It is helpful to label the loose pieces (hats, gloves, etc) with your child's name.  (The Frog class requests that you send mittens instead of gloves.)  Also, please be sure that your change of clothing in the cubbie is appropriate for the weather.

Here are the top 4 things to know about the brain from Dr. Becky Bailey:

  • The brain is pattern-seeking (Consistent routines are helpful.)

  • The best exercise for the brain is exercise. (Run, jump, & play!)

  • Connections on the outside build neural connections on the inside (Connect with your child through touch, presence, & eye contact in a playful situation.)

  • The brain functions optimally when we feel physically and psychologically safe (This is when learning takes place!)

  I wish you well,     



Thank you and Gearing up for January!

Dear CCP Families,

Though it is not Thursday (my usual day for updating my blog,) I wanted to touch base with you as we prepare to return to preschool. [True confession - during the holidays, time gets confused and I wasn’t sure WHAT day it was! ;-) ]

CONCERT - Thanks for coming to our Christmas Concert! It was fun to celebrate together as a school family. I am so proud of our children. When you’re a preschooler, it’s a big deal to stand in front of an audience, let alone remember all the words to the songs! Thank you for your love and support.

BACK TO SCHOOL - Students return to school on Thursday, Jan. 3. (Teachers return on Wednesday to prepare classrooms and plan for second semester.)

THANK YOU - Some of you have honored me with lovely Christmas cards, well wishes, hugs, and gifts. Though I sent one note, I want you to know I am still humbled and grateful for your expressions of love. Your generosity is truly amazing! I hope you know how much you and your gifts are appreciated. Christ Church Preschool is like my extended family and I am truly thankful for each one of you.

A CONSCIOUS DISCIPLINE MOMENT - Combining connection and calming is powerful. It activates the attention systems, the motivation systems, and the impulse control systems in the brain. It creates an alert yet relaxed internal state that is ideal for all learning. ~Brain Smart Choices Cubes

As we complete the 12 days of Christmas at epiphany and move into 2019, my wish & prayer is that we can all see the world like children, through eyes of wonder and hope. Don’t worry about creating “perfection” in your family life - too much pressure! Instead, smile & breathe…..have hot cocoa with marshmallows, build a tent from a blanket, snuggle and read together, or take a walk or wagon ride in your neighborhood at night before the Christmas lights are all gone. It’s really these simple, inexpensive things that connect us and create beautiful lasting memories.

This week, I pray that the values from Advent will last all year. I wish you HOPE, LOVE, JOY & PEACE.

Happy New Year CCP Family!


Dec. 13 Post and info on saying "No"

Dear CCP Families,

Thank you kindly for your patience and understanding with the closures and delays during the recent snow. It was delightful to be back with the children today!

ANGEL TREE - If you participated in the Angel tree gifts (in Ascension Hall) please return your wrapped gifts, with the tag on the outside, tomorrow or no later than Sunday, Dec. 16. Thanks for helping families in need!

CCP CHRISTMAS CONCERT AND COOKIES - Our Christmas “Concert” is Wednesday, Dec. 19 at 10:00. The concert lasts about 20-25 minutes. We will meet in the Sanctuary for the concert and then move into Ascension Hall for cookies and milk. (Thanks for volunteering to bring cookies or milk. We could use a few more cookies and some paper products. Just click on this link to sign up… https://www.signupgenius.com/go/30e094da5ae23a0fd0-ccpchristmas) We ask that you keep your child with you for safety during milk and cookies, since the Hall will be quite full. After milk and cookies, we will all say good-bye for the Christmas holidays. We return to school on January 3rd.

CHRIST CHURCH PAGEANT - The Children’s Christmas Pageant (that was cancelled due to snow on Dec. 9) will be this Sunday, Dec. 16 at 4:00 in the Sanctuary. Some of our students are in the pageant so you may see some of your friends!

ADVENT WREATH - This coming Sunday, Dec. 16, we light the pink candle of JOY! With the snow disruption, we have not been as consistent with our Chapel times, but this is the 3rd Sunday of Advent. Hope, Love, JOY, and Peace.

A CONSCIOUS DISCIPLINE MOMENT - Discipline has a great deal to teach children about “no.” If you cave in when children plead, you fail to teach them how to accept or give a meaningful “no.” (Easy to Love, Difficult to Discipline, P. 21) This is such an important lesson, especially as children become teens. We want them to understand that their “no” has power AND we want them to respect the “no” from others. You can model that for them!

This week along with Hope and Love, I wish you Joy!


Dec. 6 post and info on wishing well

Dear CCP Family,

         This week we have been hard at work practicing for our Christmas Concert which will be Wednesday, Dec. 19 at 10:00 in the Sanctuary. (note the time change to 10:00!)  I hope you can join us because it is our gift of love to you!  The concert only last about 20 minutes and then we will celebrate with milk and cookies in Ascension Hall.  [TTH Frogs and Ladybugs, we hope you can join us! Please bring your child to their regular classroom at 9:45 on Wednesday and then adults can go find a seat in the Sanctuary.]

         PAGEANT - You and your family are invited!........The children of Christ Church will present a children's Christmas pageant this Sunday, Dec. 9 at 4:00pm in the Sanctuary.  Preschool families are invited! You may see some of your friends in the pageant. Following the pageant, you are also invited to participate in the pot luck dinner in Ascension Hall.

         BULLETIN BOARD - Please help us fill our hallway bulletin board with your acts of kindness!  Share something you did or something you saw that helped spread kindness and joy. The pen and mittens are on the side of the board.

ANGEL TREE - If you are participating in bringing an Angel Tree gift, please place your gift (with tag attached) under the tree in Ascension Hall by 10:00 on Sunday, Dec. 16.

         COATS & CLOTHING - Please remember to mark all outer clothing with your child's name.  (Frog class prefers mittens - can you imagine putting 100 tiny fingers into gloves while 2 year olds wait to go outside???)  Also, now that it is cold, please be sure you have a change of clothes in the cubbie appropriate for winter weather.

         BOARD MEETING - Mark your calendar......The preschool board meets Monday, Dec. 10 at 7:30pm.  Members, your attendance is important as we will vote on the proposed 2019-20 budget.

        LAST DAY OF DEC - Our last day before Christmas is Wednesday, Dec. 19.  School will end right after our 10:00 Christmas concert and cookies. (no lunch bunch for Whales and Ducks that day) We wish you a very Merry Christmas and safe travels!

        WISHING WELL - We know this can be a fun, but stressful time of year!  Remember to BREATHE and WISH WELL anytime the world does not go your way.  Here's a good reminder from Easy to LoveDifficult to Discipline (p.210)...."At every moment you have a choice between approaching the world with a spirit of love and learning or one of fear and punishing.  That choice is yours."

         When you make that positive choice, you can quietly share this gift of breath and well wishes to impact your little corner of the world.  Amy Speidel, a Loving Guidance Associate reminds us, "When you see another parent struggling with an out-of control child, along with being thankful it wasn't your turn, wish that parent and child well.  They will find their way.  And trust that the same well wishing will grace you when it is your turn."  (Remember a wish well is not merely a thought, but a positive field of energy and love that you send out.)  Be gentle with one another!

Along with HOPE, I wish you LOVE, JOY, and PEACE this season of Advent,


Heading into Advent (Nov. 29 post)

Dear CCP Families,

It has been good to be together again this week after the Thanksgiving holiday!  With Thanksgiving being early this year, we have had some time to regroup before heading into Advent.

COATS & CLOTHING - Please bring a coat to school each day to put in the cubbie, even if you don’t wear it in the morning. Your child may need it at playground time. It is really helpful to have your child’s name in their coats/hats. Also be sure you have switched out your change of clothing from summer to winter!

ADVENT - The first Sunday of Advent this year is Dec. 2. If you have an Advent wreath, you light the first candle Dec. 2.  At preschool we call the candles Hope, Love, Joy(pink), and Peace.  Some families put a white Christ candle in the center to light on Christmas day.  When my children were little we always sang Happy Birthday to Jesus on Christmas day when we lit the white candle.  (If you have live greens, remember to occasionally spritz them with water!)

TUITION - Please remember that December tuition is due on Dec. 1 and considered late on Wednesday, Dec. 5 at noon.  Thanks for paying your fees on time.

MARK YOUR CALENDAR - This year we are celebrating Christmas as a whole school family on WEDNESDAY, DEC. 19 AT 11:00.  We will begin in the Sanctuary with the Christmas story and a song or two from each class. Then we will move into Ascension Hall to enjoy milk and cookies.  If you could provide some cookies or milk, please click here to sign up.  All classes are invited to participate.  TTH classes, we need your lovely voices!  Please bring your child to their regular classroom at 10:45 on Wed, Dec. 19 and then adults can find a seat in the sanctuary.  (Hopefully this is helpful - you will only have to come in once, instead of arranging to visit at different times for each class.)

END-OF-YEAR DONATIONS - As you wrap up your fiscal year and plan any year-end donations, please remember Christ Church Preschool. We sincerely appreciate your support and generosity! Ms. Melissa can provide you with a tax receipt.

ACTS OF KINDNESS - Be sure to notice our lovely hallway bulletin board (thanks Ms. Melissa!) Please "pass on the kindness” by adding your acts of kindness or help your child add one.  We can share God's light & love, and brighten our world with our acts of kindness.

PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT - This weekend several of our staff members will have the chance to study with Dr. Bailey and members of the Conscious Discipline team! This is a rare opportunity! Please wish them well as they delve deeper into the skills of Conscious Discipline.

STAFF MEETING - Teachers, we have a staff meeting at 12:30 on Tuesday, Dec 4.

FEELING BUDDIES CURRICULUM (p. 70) - You have not solved the problem until you tell the other person what to do.  Children often require assistance changing a negative statement, "Stop poking me," into a positive action, "Say my name when you want my attention."  "Quit pushing in line" would become "Stand in your space with your hands to yourself."  Try this at home....anytime you want to begin a sentence with "STOP _______," try framing it in the positive, stating what you want your child TO DO instead. 

Please remember if you ever have a concern or want to talk with me for any reason, my door is open to you. 

Wishing you well,


Our CCP family


Hello CCP Family,

You may have already received this information, but I wanted to include it here so our whole community will be aware. When one of us hurts, all of us have the opportunity to help and support our loved one. One of the dads in our preschool family, Grant Austin, was in a serious car accident on Wednesday evening. Grant, Joie, Daisy and Sam are such a beautiful family and have been very involved in preschool for the last 4 years! Grant has served on the preschool board, helped with some carpentry projects, and even served as a substitute teacher! Please pray for this family - for strength, healing, and peace.

I have included the link to their gofundme page where you can read more about this lovely family and if you’re able, perhaps you can donate. A meal train has also been set up for the family. https://mealtrain.com/34n1oy If you choose a date Monday through Friday, then you could bring the meal to the preschool office and we will arrange delivery. Thank you, CCP family, for the love and care you show each other!

I’m wishing you well,


We are Thankful! (Nov. 15 post)

 Dear CCP Family,

Thanksgiving is coming!  We only have two days of preschool next week - Monday and Tuesday.  As we have prepared for Thanksgiving at preschool, we have focused on gratitude.  Gratitude is a mindset and value.  To promote the attitude of gratitude in your home, encouragement is key!  Focus on the positives.  Notice & encourage your child's efforts as he or she practices the pro-social skills of kindness, caring and helpfulness.  

Our recent Chapel Bible stories have focused on helpful people, too.  We learned that Ruth was helpful to Naomi. In our preschool family, we are trying to be aware of being helpful to our friends and teachers.  As you plan for Thanksgiving, find little jobs that involve your preschooler and allow them to help with preparations.  They can put the napkins on the table, make place-cards, put guests' coats on the guest bed, share a toy with a cousin, put fruits or vegetables in a basket, clean up toys, count out the forks, etc.  Allowing little ones to help makes them feel important and develops the pro-social skills we all want.  Notice and encourage their acts of kindness and helpfulness.

PRAYERS - Please keep the Austin family in your heart and in your prayers. Preschool dad, Grant, was in a car accident Wed evening and is in the hospital recovering.

CHANGE OF CLOTHES - Please change out your child's extra clothing to something that is appropriate for the colder weather.  Also please make sure all removable clothing is labeled with your child's name.

BOARD MEETING - The board will meet Monday, Nov. 19 at 7:30 in Ascension Hall.  Please try to be present as we are looking at the budget for 2019-20.

THANKSGIVING CELEBRATION - Our Ducks and Whales will celebrate Thanksgiving on Tuesday, Nov. 20 at 11:30 in Ascension Hall.  Families are invited to hear their thankful songs and enjoy some food and fellowship.

While the children are sharing the things for which they are thankful, I want to take a moment to tell you how grateful I am for YOU!  Each child, family, and safekeeper in the CCP Family is important and precious.  I LOVE being a partner in your child's education.  Thank you for choosing CCP and for trusting us to play and learn with your little ones.  

Over the Thanksgiving break we will be apart for a while - preschool is closed Nov. 21-23.  As you celebrate with family & friends, I wish you safe travels and much patience, love, and peace.  

I saw this recently on the internet and wanted to share it with you:

"There's room for you and room for him

Room for her and room for them

Room for young, room for old, room for shy, room for bold

Room for short, room for tall, tell me how is there room for all?

Here is the secret to making rooms great:

We refuse to ever make room for hate."


Happy Thanksgiving and I wish you well,