Young children learn through play, and our curriculum is structured around the principles and practices set forth in Foundations, The Early Learning Standards for N.C. Preschoolers, and Dodge and Colker’s Creative Curriculum for Early Childhood. At Christ Church Preschool, you will see learning centers in each classroom, small and large group activities, outdoor play, music lessons with a specialized music teacher, snack and lunch time in the classroom, and age-appropriate chapel time, all of which provide rich learning experiences.

Our program includes activities that develop expressive language, math readiness, science, art, music, and fine and gross motor skills. Our children are also exposed to books each day, and become familiar with the alphabet in the course of daily activities. Social skills are among the most important learning for preschoolers, and those skills are modeled and nurtured here. We value and encourage creativity in our children. As a ministry of the church, we celebrate the Christian holidays of Christmas and Easter, pray before meals, teach familiar church songs, and help children learn to conduct themselves appropriately during worship services at our once-a-week chapel time.

how parents get involved

There are many ways that parents can participate in the life of Christ Church Preschool, and experience has shown the presence of parents makes a positive difference to the children, the parents themselves, and the school. We know that extensive family involvement is key to creating the stimulating and secure environment that children find here.

As members of Christ Church Preschool, parents are expected to:

  • Attend Parent Orientation (usually held the Thursday evening before Labor Day)

  • Provide nutritious snacks for their child’s class on a rotating basis

  • Participate in fundraising, which helps make up the difference between the tuition charged and the actual cost of the education

Beyond these minimal expectations, parents are warmly invited and encouraged to:

  • Visit and share their talents with our children

  • Come and be a guest reader to our children

  • Volunteer at, or prepare refreshments for, any of our school-wide celebrations, such as Fall Festival, Thanksgiving Feast, Christmas Party, Pancake Pajama Day and Preschool Graduation

  • Be available as an occasional paid substitute teacher

  • Participate in mission projects that help teach Christian values

  • Serve on our Board of Directors

Our choice of where we put our attention teaches children what we value.
— "Creating the School Family"