Apples, Fall, and Halloween

Hi Yellow Duck Families,

We have had a fun week learning about Fire Safety last week and now we will be starting our new units about Fall and Apples. We will be tasting 3 different types of apples and graph our favorite apple. (Gala, Granny Smith or Honey Crisp)

We are starting to sing Halloween songs, and we will put the songs in your child’s cubbie in case you would like to sing with your children!!

We met Dan Dinosaur, and this week we will meet Abby Ape.

We are looking forward to a show by “Rags to Riches” The Owl and the Turtle, on Wed. Oct. 16th. (and we will celebrate Ms. Sue’s birthday on Wed, Oct. 16th!!)

No preschool on .Thursday Oct. 17th or 18th…’s our Fall Break!

Would anyone like to volunteer to help us carve a pumpkin on Tuesday Oct. 29th? Please email me and let me know.

Put on your calendar we will have a Costume Parade on Thursday, Oct. 31st at 9:20! It’s a very fun event for all families (grandparents and friends too!)

Happy Fall !!!

Mrs. Walton and Ms. Sue

Conferences on Monday and Tuesday

Thank you to our wonderful parents that came into our classroom this week to tell us all about their Jobs!

We really enjoyed learning some Spanish words from Ms. Beatriz , a UNC Spanish Professor. And Ms. Lara taught us about writing books and creating cool stickers. (we really appreciated all the books and stickers you gave to us) And thank you to Mr. Matthew, the Aerospace Engineer, he brought in a cool plane, and taught us about how a plane actually flies!

Monday and Tuesday we will have school even though Mrs. Walton will be meeting with the parents for conferences. Ms. Sue and Ms. Melissa will work in the classroom on Monday, then Ms. Sue and Ms. Amy will work on Tuesday.

We are excited about our new Fire Truck in the classroom, and our Unit about Fire Safety! We will have firefighters visit our school on Thursday, and they will be bringing a real Fire Truck!

Mrs. Walton and Ms. Sue

Volunteers needed to share their Jobs with our class

Hi Yellow Duck Parents,

Next week we will be learning about different jobs, “Community Helpers”

We were wondering if anyone was willing to come into our classroom for a short time and talk to the children about what you do in your job. You could come in the morning 9:15-9:25 or in the afternoon right before pick up. Just email me if you are interested in doing this. It only has to be a quick explanation with props for the kids to see. (for example, if you are a doctor you could bring a stethoscope, tongue depressors, gloves, your white coat.)

This is a very fun learning experience for the children, and we would really appreciate your help with this.

As we move into October, we will learn about Community Helpers, Fire Safety, Fall, and Nocturnal Animals.

Vivi will have her turn of Star of the Week Sept 30-4th, and Sophia will have her turn on Oct. 21-25th.

We will meet the letter puppets Dan Dinosaur, Abby Ape, and Helen Hippo.

On Oct. 31st we will have a Halloween Costume Parade with the Whale class!

We are working on the skill ring tokens; I know my birth date, I know my address (# street name and city),  I know my phone number.  (Thank you for helping your child learn this, One idea is to put this information to a song.)

Looking forward to lots of fun in October,

Mrs. Walton and Ms. Sue

Fun Friendship Fair!

We had a ball today with our Whale Friends. A special thank you to our volunteers, Sewon, Jen, and Megumi!

I added lots of pictures to our class photo album so be sure to check those out.

Thanks for sending in a Family Picture By Tuesday next week!! We have a project planned for the children.

Mrs. Walton and Ms. Sue

Please send in a family picture

Hi Yellow Duck Families,

We will need a Family picture from each child by Tue. Sept. 24th for a Project we will be doing in our class.

This week we are learning how to be a good friend, and we can’t wait for Friendship Fair on Thursday at 10:00. Thank you to our volunteers, Jen T. , SeWon, and Kelsey. We will need for you to arrive on Thursday at 9:45-11:15.

Please enjoy seeing the new pictures I posted on our Class Photo Album below,

Your child’s safe keepers,

Mrs. Walton and Ms. Sue

Friendship Fair

On Thursday, September 19th, the Yellow Ducks will be having a Friendship Fair with the other 4 year old class, the Blue Whales.  We are have our 3 parent volunteers to help out with this fun event from around 9:45 to 11:15.  Greyson’s Mommy, Tate’s Mom and Ian’s Mom. Thanks so much for volunteering !!  

Each volunteer will be asked to lead a group of 6 students (3 from the Whale class and 3 from the Duck class) through 6 different “stations”.  (3 craft stations, 1 snack station, 1 obstacle course station and 1 music station with Ms. Melissa).

Thanks for all your support!

Many of the children are able to tell us their First and Last name, and now we are working on learning our birth date!!

Mrs. Walton and Ms. Sue

First Week in The Yellow Duck Class!

Hi Yellow Duck Families,

We are really enjoying getting to know your little yellow ducks and our new friends in preschool!  We read The Kissing Hand by Audrey Penn.  Be sure to ask your child who is Chester and why does he go to school at night?  In the morning before you leave you can give your child a kiss in their hand for them to hold all day long!

We learned that Rules Keep Us Safe!  And here are some rules we talked about….. 

  • Be Kind to others

  • keep your hands and feet to yourself

  • walk in classroom

  • listen to your friends and teachers

  • Raise a quiet hand before talking while in group time

Be sure to check out our Class Photos on the link below!  You will see how busy we have been learning and playing in our new classroom.  

This next week of preschool we will learn how we are all the same and different in many ways.  We will meet our first Letter Puppet, Merry Mouse.  We will work on holding our pencils with our busy fingers and sleeping fingers.  

Please be sure to send in child's school supplies, if you have not done so. And thank you to those who have sent them in.

Next week Daniel will be bringing in snacks for the class!

We will start our first day with Lunch Bunch, every Monday and Wednesday . (pick up at 1:00 on those days)

*As you pack lunches on Monday, Please remember we are a peanut and any other nut free classroom…..if your child loves peanut butter, consider trying Sunflower seed Butter. (Sunbutter)

*Next week we will have the opportunity to earn 2 of our first “skill rings”……”I can say my first and Last name” and “I can say my birth day” (thanks for helping your child learn these important skills at home.  

Thank you so much for all of your support in your child's education!  

Your child's safe keepers,

Mrs. Walton  and Ms. Sue

Welcome to the Yellow Ducks Class

 We are a 5 day, four year old class at Christ Church Preschool.  We would like to welcome our Yellow Duck families. 

My name is Susan Walton, I will be your child's lead teacher.  Sue Krebs is the assistant teacher in our classroom.  We are both really looking forward to meeting all of you, and especially your little yellow ducks!     

 In September, We will be  learning all about our classroom and how to get along with others. Our classroom is made up of learning centers. Our ducks enjoy a choice of:

  • Listening

  •  blocks

  •  dramatic play

  •  easel

  •  computer

  • Science

  • free art

  • books                                             

  • water/sand table

  • light table 

  •  sensory table

  •  writing

  •  play dough

  •  math

  • special "table center" each day with a new activity based around our theme.


 In our first month of school we will enjoy getting to know special things about each other including our families.

We will learn how we are alike and different in many ways.  We will be teaching social skills, helping the children learn how to greet a friend, how to share a toy, and how to ask a friend to play.   On Sept. 19th we will have a Friendship Fair with the other four year class, The Whales.   We will meet our first three letter puppets this month;  Merry Mouse, Freddy Fireman, and Leo Lion!   Throughout the year your child will have the opportunity to earn skill tokens for their skill rings.  In the month of September they will be working hard to earn...I know my 1st and last name, I know my birth date, I am a good friend, and I can name basic shapes.   

Your yellow duck teachers are looking forward to a year full of learning, laughter, and fun.


 Mrs. Walton and Ms. Sue

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