We have started November with many fun activities.  

This week we learned about the four main food groups: fruits and vegetables, grain, dairy, and protein groups.  We are learning to have something from each group at every meal.  And to only eat a little of sweets and fats.  Our bodies need healthy food and exercise to grow.

Next week we will learn about the Pilgrims that came to America on the Mayflower in 1620.  We will learn how the Native Americans lived here in America first, and how they helped the Pilgrims settle in a new country.

We are making special banners with cloth, glue and paint.  We are batiking our material to make a beautiful banner where we will write what we are Thankful for.   We also will make special Native American shirts and headbands for our Thanksgiving Celebration on Nov. 20st at 11:30. 

Please sign up to bring in something for our Thanksgiving Celebration with our Whale Friends! Click Here to sign up on Sign Up Genius!!

We will meet our letter puppet friends, Norma Nurse, Timmy Turtle, and Paula Pig.

Also we will be working hard to earn our new skill rings tokens....

1)  I say please and thank you

2)  I can count out 10 acorns

3)  I know my phone number (Is your child ready for this?  Some of us are ready to memorize a cell phone number for safety reasons.  You could sing your phone number to your child, as a way of helping them learn it.)

4)  I can put on my coat

5)  I can zip my coat

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your families,   Mrs. Walton and Ms. Sue    

skill ring tokens to help your child with...

Hi Yellow Duck Families,

We are working on several Skill Ring Tokens:

  • I can put my jacket or coat on all by myself

  • I can zip my coat

  • I can say the emergency phone # ( 911 )

  • I can say my parent’s cell phone number (pick one to teach your child) You could teach this in a song form.

The last skill is one that some children need more time with. Some children can remember a long number, like a cell phone number when they are in kindergarten or first grade. But others are able to memorize this at age 4. It is a wonderful safety skill that you can teach your child in case they ever need to reach you, and are separated from you.

Thank you for changing out your child’s change of clothing to long sleeve and long pants.

We just put a copy of the words to our Halloween Songs in your child’s cubbie, in case you want to sing with them at home. :)

Mrs. Walton and Ms. Sue

Fall, Nocturnal Animals and Halloween

Hi Yellow Duck Families,

We have had a fun week learning about Fall and Apples. We even tasted 3 different types of apples and graphed our favorite apple. (Gala, Granny Smith or Honey Crisp)

Next week we will start to sing Halloween songs and learn about Nocturnal Animals (animals that sleep in the day, but are awake at night.)

We met Dan Dinosaur, Abby Ape, and next week we will meet Helen Hippo.

We are looking forward to Dan the Magic Man on Wednesday, he is wonderful with children.

Would anyone like to volunteer to help us carve a pumpkin on Tuesday Oct. 30th? Please email me and let me know.

Put on your calendar we will have a Costume Parade on Wednesday, Oct. 31st at 9:20! It’s a very fun event for all families (grandparents and friends too!)

Julian T. will be bringing in snacks next week.

Rosalie will have her turn of Star of the Week!

Mrs. Walton and Ms. Sue

Nice to talk with you last week at conferences and Oct. update

Dear Yellow Duck Parents,

I really enjoyed talking with you last Tuesday and Wednesday at conferences. And I am looking forward to seeing you tomorrow.

My son and daughter in law’s wedding was a beautiful one in Charlotte. We were so lucky with the weather! It was sunny and blue skies, and that was great because it was an outdoor wedding!

This week we will start a new Unit on Fall. It is the first mid October I can remember when the leaves on the trees have actually not changed in their color yet. I guess we have had too much rain so far this month!

Ms. Debbie and the School Board decided we will be having school on Thursday this week, due to the days lost because of the hurricane. And on Friday we have a Teacher conference, so we will be closed on Friday.

Oct. 24th- Happy Dan the Magic Man will come to CCP

Oct 31st 9:20 Costume Parade (you can send your child to school in a costume and we will all walk around the main square of Southern Village in a Parade. Please remember no toy weapons or scary costumes)

Happy Fall- Mrs. Walton and Ms. Sue

Community Helpers and Fire Safety

Dear Yellow Duck Parents,

We really enjoyed learning all about Community Helpers and we will continue to meet other Community Helpers next week! Thank you to Kris, the dog trainer, Liz, the nurse, Rachael, the nurse, Kelsi , a social worker, and April the Cosmetologist .

Next week we will meet Grandpa Ed (Anna Jane’s Grandpa) who volunteers for Habitat for Humanity. He will talk to us about building houses. And Jeremy, Caroline’s Dad will talk to us about being a Scientist. Also Jonah’s Mom, Heather will share about her job as a Pastor.

We will learn about Fire Safety next week and Firefighters will visit our school on Thursday. They will bring their Firetruck to our school. We have conferences on Tuesday and Wednesday and Ms. Virginie will be in the classroom with Ms. Sue.

Also I have some exciting news! My younger son, Zack, will be getting married this next weekend! So I will be out on Friday, Oct. 12th because of that very special family event!! (Ms. Virginie will sub for me on Friday)

Thank you for making our Community Helper Unit so meaningful.

Mrs. Walton and Ms. Sue

Community Helpers, Parents coming in next week!

Thank you to all our parents that volunteered to come into our classroom and tell us all about their career!

Monday 9:15 Scientist (Caroline’s Dad Jeremy)

Monday 12:40 Dog Trainer (Sawyer’s Dad Kris and his dog)

Tuesday 9:15 Nurse (Birdie’s Mom, Liz)

Thursday 9:15 Nurse (Max’s Mom, Rachael)

Thursday 11:45 Social Worker (Garrett’s Mom, Kelsi)

Friday 9:15 Pastor (Jonah’s Mom Heather)

Friday 11:45 Cosmetologist (Rosallie’s Mom April)

Thank you for helping us to make this next Theme so meaningful.

Sawyer will have his turn to be our Star of the Week next week. (Oct. 1-5) And Rosalie will have her turn on Oct. 22-26)

And the month of October we will meet 3 new letter puppets, Dan Dinosaur, Abby Ape, and Helen Hippo. We will cover 4 themes, Community Helpers, Fire Safety, Fall, and Nocturnal Animals. We also will have a fun Costume Parade on Oct. 31st.

Be sure to look at our calendar that is in a link in a green/blue box on our Blog.

It has all our important dates on it.

Happy Fall! Mrs. Walton and Ms. Sue

Fall Conference Sign up

Dear Yellow Duck Parents,

I am going to have a “Getting to know you” Fall Conference on Oct. 9th and 10th.

Please click here to sign up for the conference on Sign up Genius.

Preschool will be open on those days, Ms. Sue and Ms. Virginie will be working with your children in the classroom while I meet with you in the building across the street from the church.

Thank you for signing up, Mrs. Walton

Friendship Fair, Families, and Community Helpers

Hi Yellow Duck Families,

We had so much fun today at our Friendship Fair with the Blue Whale friends! We moved through 6 different stations with our Whale Friends. 1. Headbands, 2. Bracelets, 3. Obstacle Course, 4. Snack 5. Music 6. Playing in the Blue Whale room!

We want to thank our amazing Parent Helpers!!!! Alexis, Kelsi, Shinyu, and Liz We could not have done this very special day without your help!

This week we learned how to ask for a toy if someone is using a toy. We say, “can I have a turn in 5 minutes?” We are also working hard on learning all our friend’s names. How to take turns, say kind words, help a friend if they need help, and look at a friend who is talking to you.

Next week we will start a new unit on Families. We will need a Family Picture to use in a project on Wednesday September 26th.

Also look at your calendars….we will be starting our Community Helpers week on Oct. 1st-5th, and we would love to have some parents come into our classroom and share their job with us. You can come in the morning 9:15-9:25 or in the afternoon right before pick up. Just email me if you are interested in doing this. It only has to be a quick explanation with props for the kids to see. (for example, if you are a doctor you could bring a stethoscope, tongue depressors, gloves, your white coat.)

Anna Jane’s Mom, Rachel, has already volunteered to come in Wednesday, Oct. 3rd to tell us about her job at a Veterinarian!

Be sure to look at our new Class Photos. You can use the link on the side that is green.

Thank you for all your support,

Mrs. Walton and Ms. Sue

First Week of Preschool

Dear Yellow Duck Parents,

We have had a very busy first week of Preschool in the Yellow Duck Class.  We have learned how to be a "five star listener on the carpet", and how to move through our Center time using our clothespins that have our names on them.  We are now able to serve ourselves snack at "table 2" and pour our own water from little pitchers. 

We have been talking about how important rules are, because they help keep everyone safe.  

Here are some rules we decided on for our class...

1)  Be kind to Others

2)  Use soft voices inside

3)  Walk in the Classroom

4)  Listen to our friends and teachers when they talk

5)  Raise a quiet hand during group time 

6)  Keep hands and feet to yourself  (unless you are shaking someone's hand or hugging)

Thank you so much for sending in all those supplies!!  And sending in the "Wish List" items.

We really appreciate all your support!   Have a great weekend,   Mrs. Walton and Ms. Sue



Welcome to the Yellow Ducks Class

 We are a 5 day, four year old class at Christ Church Preschool.  We would like to welcome our Yellow Duck families. 

My name is Susan Walton, I will be your child's lead teacher.  Sue Krebs is the assistant teacher in our classroom.  We are both really looking forward to meeting all of you, and especially your little yellow ducks!     

 In September, We will be  learning all about our classroom and how to get along with others. Our classroom is made up of learning centers. Our ducks enjoy a choice of:

  • Listening
  •  blocks

  •  dramatic play

  •  easel

  •  computer

  • Science

  • free art

  • books                                             

  • water/sand table
  • light table 

  •  sensory table

  •  writing

  •  play dough

  •  math

  • special "table center" each day with a new activity based around our theme. 

 In our first month of school we will enjoy getting to know special things about each other including our families.

We will learn how we are alike and different in many ways.  We will be teaching social skills, helping the children learn how to greet a friend, how to share a toy, and how to ask a friend to play.   On Sept. 20th we will have a Friendship Fair with the other four year class, The Whales.   We will meet our first three letter puppets this month;  Merry Mouse, Freddy Fireman, and Leo Lion!   Throughout the year your child will have the opportunity to earn skill tokens for their skill rings.  In the month of September they will be working hard to earn...I know my 1st and last name, I know my birth date, I am a good friend, and I can name basic shapes.   

Your yellow duck teachers are looking forward to a year full of learning, laughter, and fun.


 Mrs. Walton and Ms. Sue

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