Let It Snow!

Happy Winter Frog Families!

This week we have enjoyed exploring the wonderful season of Winter. Our days were filled with all things SNOW! We played with “snow” in our sensory table…. we scooped and dug and enjoyed the beautiful white color, and soft texture. We decorated glittery snowflakes for our bulletin board and made a snowman… complete with a scarf, hat, and buttons. Our most favorite thing to do was reading books about Winter and Snow. We talked about snow being cold, and what clothes we needed to stay warm. Our Frog Friends ventured down to the big playground this week. We loved the slides, sandbox, and the big wooden ship. We also went to our first Chapel with Ms. Debbie this week. We sat in the pews in the sanctuary with our other preschool friends, and sang songs and heard Bible stories.

Next week we will explore Dinosaurs. We will press Dinosaur bones in clay and see what shapes we can make. There will be cool Dinosaur figures to play with, and of course lots of books about Dinosaurs.

Snacks for next week will be provided by Olivia for Monday/Wednesday, and Sarah I. for Tues/Thursday.

See you all next Week!
Ms. Julie and Ms. Linda

Oh What Fun!

Thanks to everyone for making the first part of preschool year so great! We thoroughly enjoy our little frog friends and have the best parents in the world! Thank you all for our wonderful gifs of goodies, cards, and gift cards! They are enjoyed and cherished as a gift from you! Also a special thanks to our preschool board for our generous Christmas bonus!

Our Concert and Cookies event was such a delight. We got raving reviews of how cute we were :) We hope everyone has a safe and fun Holiday and see you all in the New Year!

Ms. Jule and Ms. LInda

Happy Thanksgiving Frog Families!

For the past several weeks we have been playing fun games at preschool to help reinforce our shapes and colors. At circle time we looked around our classroom to find shapes all around us. And we recognized our colors by the clothes we were wearing. When a color card was held up with the color clothing we had on, we got to stand up and JUMP!!  Also, we played a really neat flashlight game. We played our special "Mission Possible" song music, and got out our flashlights to shine on the color or shape that Ms. Julie was holding up!

Next week, for the last week of November, we will do a lesson on Owls. The green frogs will learn how owls are nocturnal, and play all night, and sleep all day. Then, December will be filled with all things Christmas! It's so hard to believe that the holidays are here, and Christmas is right around the corner.

Resse’s family will provide snacks for Monday, and Ellie’s family will provide snacks for Tuesday this week. Preschool will be closed on Wednesday and Thursday for Thanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving Green Frog Families!


It's Halloween Time!

Our green frogs have enjoyed learning about Fire Fighters, Pumpkins, and Scarecrows for the last few weeks. We made black dots on our fire dogs, learned about pumpkins and how to turn them into Jack O Lanterns, and we decorated Scarecrows for our bulletin board. We learned a fun song about our scarecrows… have your child sing you our song. We also learned a new story on our flannel board.. ..."Five Little Pumpkins Sitting on A Gate".  They Frog Friends love this song!

Next week we will end the month of October with Halloween! We will paint a pumpkin for our classroom and our little Frog Friends can wear their Halloween costumes next week on Tuesday and Wednesday. We will have a little parade through the school. We'll do this mid-morning, and I'll be sure to take some pictures for the parents:) There will be several fun art projects and new concepts for our little ones to learn. We will do a special art project with golf balls!

Eleanor’s family will provide snacks for Mon/Wed, and Rosalia’s family will bring snacks for Tues/Thurs. 

Happy Halloween!

Leaves Are Falling All Around!

This week we learned about Fall! Our frog friends painted leaves with colorful "dot" paint and made tie-dye leaves with a 2 step art process. First we colored leaves with markers, then we used our "magic" spray bottles to make the colors run. What colorful leaves we came up with! We are very proud of these, and have them displayed on our bulletin board in our classroom. We learned a new song at circle time...."Leaves Are Falling". Ask your child to sing this song and do the motions for you. We also read a really neat Leaf Hunt book, and helped our friends in the story find colorful leaves. Then we took a walk on our shape rope around the church, and found our own colorful leaves. We crunched in the leaves, found some colorful flowers, and named all the sights and sounds we discovered on our walk. 

Next week will explore Apples. Our days will consist of painting with real apples, discovering apples in our sensory table, counting and sorting apples of different shapes, colors, and sizes, and of course tasting apples. We will read several stories at circle time that show how apples grow from seed to flower to fruit. What a fun week ahead of us!

Preschool Individual photos will be on Wednesday Oct 3rd and Thursday Oct 4th. Don’t worry we won’t use messy arts and paints on these days :)

Snacks will be provided by Sarah Johnson for our Mon./Wed. class, and Sarah Isaacson’s family will bring snacks for Tues/Thursday. 

Sunflowers and All About ME!

Our first few weeks of preschool are getting off to a good start! We have spent some time learning about Sunflowers, and painting with yellow paint… a new experience for some of our green frog friends. This week we learned “All about me and our feelings.” We made a mini "Me",  complete with beautiful outfits and colored hair.  We also learned about our emotions, since being "Me" includes how we feel. We looked at cards with different feelings, discussed what could have happened to make someone feel that way, and of course we had to make all of our "emotional" faces. Our frog friends are pretty good at this one!  We learned about our safe place and ways to use breathing to help calm us down (Conscious Discipline). Ask your child to show you the “Balloon” breathing technique, or the “Tub Drain”, or the “Pretzel” breathing technique. We also read our Fire Safety book about what we are to do if we were to have a fire emergency. We will practice a fire drill soon, and learn how to quickly leave our classroom in case of an emergency.

We had our first music class, and walked down the hallway on our "shape rope", which keeps us safe and all together when we venture outside the classroom. The kids enjoyed Ms. Rebecca!

Next week we will learn about my favorite time of year "Fall"! In our sensory table we will discover  leaves and acorns. Our days will consist of leaf paintings, books about the color changing of the leaves, songs about leaves, and just all things Fall! 

Snacks next week will be supplied by Mackenzie’s family for Mon/Wed, and Bryson’s family for Tues/ Thursday.  

Thanks everyone for making our first few weeks of preschool such a big success! We look forward to spending the rest of our school year with our great Frog Families. We sure love these guys already!

Our First Few Days of Preschool....

Ms. Linda and I thoroughly enjoyed all of our little Green Frog Friends. Even though we were on a short schedule, this week went great! Our days were pretty simple with guided and free play in centers, some art time, and snack time, then outside play. We even fit in a short circle time!

During our preschool year, our two's will learn socialization skills, colors, shapes, counting, ABC's, and lots of songs and finger plays. We will develop our small motor skills through activities such as using manipulatives, arts (including the use of paint brushes, glue sticks, scissors, and play-doh... just to name a few.). We develop our gross motor skills by doing activities like playing with the parachute, throwing balls, sliding and riding bikes, and in group activities such circle time. We are always on the go, and our days stay pretty busy and exciting! 

This week we will learn about Sunflowers! Our frog friends will explore what sunflowers are and where they come from, and how they grow.  

Snack this week will kindly be provided by Reese's family for Mon/Wed , and Lorenzo's family for Tuesday and Thursday.


See you all tomorrow!