Happy Fall Y'all!!

We’ve had a wonderful last couple of weeks in our classroom! We played with leaves, acorns, and apples. Our days were filled with laughter, colorful artwork, and exploring the great outdoors. There were songs about leaves falling down, and apples in the apple tree. We raked leaves, painted leaves, and made leaf rubbings. We tasted apples, learned about how the seeds make a “star” shape inside of an apple, and we sorted apples. Ask your little one about Apples in the Apple Tree, or Leaves Falling down… they can sing our songs from circle time for you. Using our pencil grasp and fine motor skills, we used tongs to pick up small objects and match them to coordinating colored cups, and we explored the light table in our science center…… I told you we had so much fun at preschool!

Picture day was a success! We saw lots of smiles, laughter, and some handsome little fellows and beautifully dressed little girls.

Next week is Fire Safety Week. The Chapel Hill firemen will be here Thursday morning at 9:30. (Mon/ Wed parents -you’re welcome to bring your little green frog and join us).

Snack will be provided by Eli’s family for Mon/Wed, and Ruthie’s family for Tues/Thursday.

Have a wonderful weekend!

First Full Week Of Preschool Is A Success!

Hello Everyone!  We've had a great first couple of week of preschool. We've created some great art, walked on our little shape rope through the church building, sung songs, read stories, and played fun games already!

Last week we painted yellow sunflowers, and glued seeds on little sunflower plants. We learned our routine for preschool…. including clean up time, how to put away our placemats and snack trash, and we even had a short circle time.

This week we learned “All About Me”, and talked about our feelings and emotions. At circle time we looked at picture cards of children feeling different feelings .Then we made those faces and talked about what possibly could have happened to make them feel that way. Ask your child to make a happy face for you… a sad face… a surprised face… a scared face. Also, we learned about our safe place and our “feelings” bears. The children enjoyed helping describe what each face on the little feeling bears meant. These bears are different colors and their faces represent different emotions, and can be used for comfort in our safe place. We also sang “Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes” and “If You’re Happy and You Know It”. We had so much fun!

Everyone is becoming more comfortable and learning the routines nicely. We have been working on using our words to tell our friends what we want, and recognizing how a friend may be feeling….Such as sad, because their toy was taken away ,or they miss their mommy.

Looking ahead: When other classes have conferences this fall, I'll be sending you a little note about what we have been learning. We will have face-to-face conferences in the spring. Be sure you also are checking our website to learn more, especially when I update the blog, and add pictures.

Next week we will learn about the wonderful season of FALL! We will have some fun leaves and acorns in our sensory table along with tongs to pick up the acorns with, giant magnifying glasses in our science center to explore leaves up close, some beautiful leaf stickers in our writing center to decorate with, and we will try a new way of painting.. with dot paints and also with markers and water spray bottles on coffee filter shaped leaves. This week will be so much fun!

Snacks next week will be provided by Maddie for M/W and Capel for T/Th. Have a fun weekend everyone, and see you all next week!

Here's to great start to preschool!

What a treat to meet each of you!

Hello Families,

It was a pleasure meeting each of you, and our little frog friends too, on Thursday! Just a couple of reminders about our upcoming week. Tomorrow, Tuesday September 3rd and Wednesday September 4th, we will have a 1/2 day of preschool. We would actually like for you to try and leave your little one with us. Only half of the class will be there, so it should be an easy transition for just a short amount of time. Run out to get coffee, or over to Weaver Street for a short bit.

For the first half of Tuesday from 9am-10:15am here is our friends’ list:

Nora/ Matthew/ Ruthie/ Kennedy/ Julian/ Henry

Tuesday 10:45am-12pm:

Capel/ Jack/ Maria/ Radek

For Wednesday Sept 4th 9am-10:15am:

Madeline/ Simon/ August/ Lia/ Ainara

Wednesday 10:45-12pm:

Cecilia/ Noah/ Eli/ Fumika/ Vada

On Thursday Sept 5th all of our Frog Friends will come, but only from 9am-11am. Again, we will encourage you to leave your little one. And on Monday of the following week Sept. 9th we are from 9am-11am.

Tuesday Sept 10th and Wednesday Sept. 11th we will be on a normal 9am-12pm schedule with all of our little friends.

*If you haven’t yet, please check in on our webpage to see the classroom calendar with our snack schedule. Also, each day we end our preschool day with play-doh time. To help with germs, we ask for new play-doh each month. There is a sign up page for bringing in play-doh on the webpage also.. if anyone can help out with that, it would be great! The parent portal password is on the left side of your green folders we handed out at Orientation.

See you all this week… We’re really looking forward to getting to know each of you!

Ms. Julie and Ms. Linda