The Remainder of October

It was great talking with so many of you at the parent/teacher conferences! Thank you for taking time out from your busy schedules to meet with me. 

I hope your child learned a lot about fire safety this past week and enjoyed the visit from the Chapel Hill fire department. Next week, we will begin a brief unit on nutrition.  The students will learn about healthy foods and why it is important to eat well and brush your teeth.  We finish up the month of October by discussing fall changes and Halloween.  On Thursday, October 31st, your child is invited to wear his or her costume to school (no weapons please). Once everyone arrives, we will "parade" around the Southern Village Market Street District. You are welcome to walk with us and join in the fun!  We are hoping to leave the preschool around 9:20 and the "parade" should last about 20 minutes.  After the parade, your child will have an opportunity to change out of their costume.  Please see to it that they have something comfortable to wear for the remainder of the day.

Thanks you's and reminders:

  • Audrey's family is kindly providing snack next week and Lucas’s family will bring snack the week of the 21st.

  • A special thanks to Joie Austin for coming in and speaking to the students about being a veterinary technician.

  • Thanks in advance to Noah’s family for bringing in library books on fall and Halloween.

  • Chick-fil-a spirit night is Monday, October 14th from 5-7. Hope to see you there!

  • We will watch a performance of Owl and Turtle by Rags to Riches on Wednesday, October 16th at 10:00.

  • Preschool will be closed this Thursday, October 17th for fall break.

I hope you enjoy the beautiful weather this weekend and we will see you on Monday,


Photos Tomorrow and Other October Happenings!

Just a quick reminder that the Blue Whales will have their pictures taken tomorrow morning, Wednesday, October 2nd. Don’t forget to bring your smiles to school!

We will begin the month of October by learning about different occupations and fire safety. Please let me know if you would like to come in sometime and talk to the students about your job. We would love to learn from the “experts”! We will also be discussing 9-1-1 and what to do in case of an emergency. On Thursday, October 10th, the Chapel Hill fire department will be visiting our school and bringing their fire truck! Be sure to ask your child about "don't hide, go outside", "fall and crawl" and "stop, drop and roll".  We had a fire drill last week where we practiced getting out of the building quickly and safely and going to our school "meeting place" (which is the tree across the parking lot). When you get the opportunity, please talk with your child about your family's outside "meeting place". 

Thank you for signing up for the fall parent/teacher "getting to know you" conferences on Monday, October 7th and Tuesday, October 8th.  I look forward to meeting with you in the library, while Ms. Missy and Ms. Jane keep things running smoothly in the classroom.

Now for a couple of thank you's and reminders:

  • Play dough for October was kindly provided by Isla’s family.

  • Thank you to Nicco’s family for providing snack this week and to Liam’s family for providing snack next week.

  • Thanks to Juliana’s family for providing library books on occupations and fire safety.

  • A huge thank you to Jessica, Leigh, and Joie for completing Triple P projects.

  • One of our skill ring tokens for October is knowing your phone number. Your child may need additional help from home with this one!

  • Chick-fil-a spirit night is Monday, October 14th from 5-7.

  • Rags to Riches will be performing “Owl and Turtle” on Wednesday, October 16th.

  • Preschool will be closed Thursday, October 17th for fall break.

Finally, we currently have a building activity at our “woodworking station” that involves styrofoam and golf tees. Your child is more than welcome to keep their “creations” at home for good, but if you and your child decide you are going to throw them away, please consider “recycling” the golf tees and/or styrofoam by bringing these items back to school for reuse. Thanks!

Fall Conferences

Hi Blue Whale Parents!

Our fall “getting to know you” conferences will be held on Monday, October 7th and Tuesday, October 8th. I will be meeting with you in the library (in the main hallway to the left of the Yellow Ducks/Ms. Debbie’s office hallway. ) School will be open for the students during these fall conferences. A huge thank you to Ms. Missy and Ms. Jane (Reeb) for keeping things running smoothly in the classroom.

You may sign up for a conference time by clicking here.

Thanks and I look forward to meeting with you soon!


Fun With Friends!

This week we talked about what it means to be a good friend.  We discussed our feelings and what to do if a friend makes you mad. We also learned about our classroom "safe place" and different ways to breath in order to help us feel better. Our classroom now has a “kindness tree” and several of our students have already shown acts of kindness and placed a heart on our tree.

Yesterday, Ms. Missy and I began teaching the students how to efficiently hold a pencil using a tripod grasp.  This grasp involves 3 "busy" fingers (thumbkin, pointer and middleman) holding the pencil and 2 "sleeping" fingers (ringman and pinky) holding onto a pillow (for ex. a cotton ball).  We will be working on efficient tripod grasps with your child at school this year, but feel free to reinforce these concepts at home.  I will have some handouts for you on efficient grasps and children's fine motor development at the parent/teacher conferences in October, if you are interested in learning more.  

We hope your child enjoyed our Friendship Fair today.  It was fun to see and play with our Yellow Duck friends. Thank you, once again, to Joie, Kirstin and Yan, for making this event possible and to Kate for providing bananas for our snack.  I've added a few more pictures to our class photo album, including some from today.

Please click here to see them.

Next week, we will be learning more about each other's families.  Thanks for providing pictures for our upcoming "family flower pot" project and a fun "baby guessing" game.  Also next week, your child will have a chance to earn their skill ring token for knowing their birthday. This is one of the 3 tokens that may need some extra help from home.  

Thank you’s:

  • To Madeleine and her family for providing library books on friends and families.

  • To Reese’s family, in advance, for providing snack next week.

  • To everyone who provided jackets and stickers.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend and enjoy this delightful weather!


Busy Blue Whales!

We had a very busy and wonderful week!   A few of the things we did...

  • We learned about "classroom helpers" and each student was assigned their first "job". The “jobs” will rotate on a weekly basis, so your child will have a turn (or two) at each job throughout the year.

  • We had our first "lunch bunch".

  • We graphed our eye and hair colors and made "people" to look like ourselves.

  • We voted on a name for our class fish. The winner was "Bubbles".

  • We sponge painted our Blue Whale t-shirts. These t-shirts will be kept at school and used for special class events and field trips. Your child will get to bring it home for good at the end of the school year.

  • We learned about the letter "L" and Clara our class caterpillar.

  • We had our first "Star of the Week".

  • We experimented with “static electricity”.

  • And we learned about skill rings. Your child had an opportunity to earn their first token for knowing their first and last names.

A note about the skill I mentioned at the parent orientation, this activity is meant to be FUN (collecting things) and motivating, NOT stressful!  Our theme this week was "All About Me", so we have been talking about how we are all special and unique.  I told the students that not everyone will receive their tokens at the same time and that this is perfectly okay because we are all different.  They can earn them anytime throughout the entire year:

A few reminders and notes about next week:

  • Family and baby pictures are due Monday, Sept 16th.

  • Snack is kindly being provided next week by Fletcher’s family.

  • A HUGE thank you to everyone who signed up to bring playdough and/or library books. The playdough sign up is full, but there are still a few slots available for library books, if anyone is interested. To sign up to bring library books: click here

  • Thank you to Nicco’s mom, Devon, for spray painting our family flower pots. There are 2 more projects in the Triple-P box on top of the cubbies, if anyone has time to help out.

  • Our theme for next week is "friendship" and we will be having our Friendship Fair with the Yellow Duck class on Thursday, 9/19. Many thanks to Joie, Kirstin and Yan for volunteering to help with this fun event!

Finally, a note about pickup. As you know, our playground time this year is from 11:30 - 12:00. In order to maximize your child’s playground time and avoid congestion in the hallway, Ms. Missy and I would like to dismiss the students from the playground on Tuesdays and Thursdays (our non “lunch bunch” days), weather permitting. For those of you that were ladybugs last year, this will be familiar. The students will also be bringing their water bottles to the playground with them, so you will be able to pick that up there as well. If there are other items you’d like to retrieve from your child’s cubbie, you can pick them up either before or after you pick up your child. So, beginning next Tuesday, Sept 17th, pick up will be from the playground at noon. We will continue to dismiss from the classroom at 1:00 on Mondays and Wednesdays.

Your children are terrific! Ms. Missy and I are so impressed by how kind and sweet they are! Thanks again for sharing them with us. Have a wonderful weekend and we will see you again on Monday!


Friendship Fair Volunteers

Hi Blue Whale Parents,


On Thursday, September 19th, the Blue Whales will be having a Friendship Fair with the other 4 year old class, the Yellow Ducks.  I am looking for 3 parent volunteers to help out with this fun event from around 9:45 to 11:15. 


Each volunteer will be asked to lead a group of 6 students (3 from the Whale class and 3 from the Duck class) through 6 different “stations”.  (3 craft stations, 1 snack station, 1 obstacle course station and 1 music station with Ms. Melissa).


We will take volunteers on a first come, first serve basis….just email me if you are interested. Remember… please click on the CLICK HERE to email Linda directly link at the top of this blog post. Do not hit “reply” to this email as that will go to Debbie Arena. (No younger siblings please, because you will be in charge of a group.)



Linda & Missy

Our First Week!


Despite Dorian and our early release today, we had a terrific start to the new school year!   The Blue Whales have already begun to learn their new routines and seem to be adjusting beautifully to the classroom, their teachers and to each other! What a kind and lovely group of children...thank you for sharing them with us!

A few notes and reminders for next week:

  1. Our first lunch bunch is on Monday. Please don't forget to pack a lunch for your child and pick them up at 1:00 pm.

  2. We will need some printed pictures from you for our upcoming unit on families. We would like to have these photos on or before Monday, September 16th.

    1. First, please provide us with a baby picture of your child. This picture will be returned to you, in tact, when we are through with it.

    2. Second, we need a family photo, including your child. We will be cutting this photo and using it in an art project. If you'd prefer we keep your photo in tact, just let us know, and we will be happy to make a copy for our use and will send the original back home with you.

  3. I also wanted to let you know that we have modified the student sign in for each child based on our initial observations. Please remember that this activity is a process and that all children develop at different rates. We will continue to monitor each student throughout the year and work to meet their individual needs.

  4. Thanks in advance to Sam’s family for providing snack next week. Remember our classroom is a “peanut and nut free zone”, so please select “safe” snacks for the class. We have 15 students.

  5. A heartfelt thank you to those of you who have already volunteered to bring in playdough and library books, but a little more help is needed (especially with the library books). Please take a turn if you are able. You can click on the links below or from the "buttons" on the Blue Whale web page.

Playdough: click here

Library Books: click here

Finally, to see a few pictures from our first week of school, click here or on the class photo album button. (I’d appreciate it if someone could reply to this email to let me know if you can see the photos…I want to make sure I’ve given the proper access to our families.)

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.  Have a great weekend and we look forward to seeing everyone again on Monday!

First Week Reminders


It was great to see so many of you at Playground Fun Day and Parent Orientation!  Thank you for coming!  

Below are a couple of reminders for the first week:

  • Tuesday is a half day of class. Below are the times and names for each of the two groups:

    • 9:00 - 10:15 - Fletcher, Sam, Madeleine, Liam, Audrey, Keaton, Noah & Sonya

    • 10:45 - 12:00 - Reese, Nicco, Juliana, Lucas, AJ, Isla, & Keito

  • On Wednesday and Thursday: Drop off time is between 8:50 and 9:10. Pick up is at 12:00. (Lunch bunch begins Monday, Sept. 9th.)

  • Please escort your child to their cubbie and drop off any items that will not be coming into the classroom (for example, their change of clothes in a Ziploc bag, water bottle)

  • Our morning procedure is to have your child sign in at the handwriting center next to the door (we will just show them this on Tuesday, actually sign in will begin on Wednesday), move their "person" from "home" to "school" on an attendance chart, and then continue to the sink to wash their hands. We will then help your child start an activity.

  • As I mentioned at the Parent Orientation, Ms. Missy or I will greet your child at the door to assist them. You can say goodbye at that point (which is the goal!), or if you feel it would ease their transition, you may accompany your child through any part of this procedure. On Wednesday and Thursday we would like to begin our circle time around 9:30, so it would be best if you have said your goodbyes before then.

  • At pickup, please wait patiently in the hall until I call your child to the door to be dismissed. Also, remember to fill out a permission slip (located beside the white board) if someone other than a parent will be picking up your child.

Finally, thanks to those of you who have already signed up for play dough and library books! There are still some open slots, so please consider helping out if you can.  

Click here to sign up to bring play dough.

Click here to sign up to bring in library books.

Feel free to email me with any questions or concerns.  I will be out of town over the holiday weekend, but will try to reply as best I can. Happy Labor Day and I look forward to seeing you on Tuesday!

Welcome to the Blue Whale Class!


We'd like to wish a warm welcome to all our Blue Whale Families!

Hi!  My name is Linda Laubscher and I am the lead teacher in the Blue Whale class.  Missy O'Connor is my amazing teacher assistant and this will be our sixth year working together. We can not wait to get to know and love your child! 

 I will do my best to use this blog to keep you up to date on what is happening in our classroom.  From the Blue Whale page, you will also be able to access the Classroom Calendar. This calendar is already "loaded" with our weekly themes and all sorts of important dates, including the snack schedule, birthdays, "star of the week" dates, special celebrations and other events. Once we have taken some photos, you will be able to access them through the Class Photo Album link.  Our daily schedule and snack schedule (in a different format) are out there as well. Finally, please consider volunteering to bring playdough and library books through our sign up links. You will need a Sign Up Genius account (please let me know if you have any questions about this) and thanks in advance for your help!

Click here to sign up to bring playdough.

Click here to sign up to bring library books.

In September, we will spend time getting to know each other and becoming a "classroom family".  Your child will become familiar with our "centers", they will learn our daily routines, and, most importantly, they will learn how to be good, kind friends and keep each other safe.  We will also get to know our Yellow Duck friends at the Friendship Fair and will conclude the month by learning more about each other's families.

Thanks so much for sharing your child with us and we look forward to a great year!

Ms. Linda and Ms. Missy