Sailing through September! (9-20-18 post) & the D. N. A. method

Hello CCP Family,

     We are settling into our preschool routines despite the interruption from Hurricane Florence!  The children are becoming comfortable and confident with their friends and teachers and the tearful goodbyes seem to be fewer.  Everyone appears to know they are safe and loved here at CCP.  We are surely on the way to becoming a school family, a process that can take about 4 to 6 weeks.

Next week we will practice our first fire drills. The teachers have read and re-read the book about fire drills to prepare the children. It is typically a very routine experience and the children find it interesting, rather than frightening.

The deadline for Spirit gear orders has been EXTENDED to Tuesday! I sent an email earlier today with details, but forms are also available in the preschool office. Order your items today!

     Mark your calendar…..Our fall photographer, David Gellatly, will be at preschool on Oct. 3 (Whales & MWF classes) and Oct. 4 (Ducks & TTH classes).  Ms. Melissa and I will take a few children at a time to have their individual photos made. (You can dress them up if you want...we will avoid messy paints that day.)  Then I'll give you the link to find your photos on David's website for viewing and purchasing if you desire.  There is no sitting fee and David does very nice work!  In addition we will have an optional family photo day on Saturday, Oct. 6.  If you want to bring your family, please click & sign up HERE.

     Thank you kindly for your donations to CCP!  This is our low-key fundraiser so you don't have to sell items or do other types of fundraising.  We can accept your donations anytime throughout the year.

     Our fall "Getting to Know You Conferences" are Oct. 9 & 10.  Ladybugs, Ducks, & Whales, your teacher will provide a sign up link on your class page.  (Frogs will receive some communication from Ms. Julie in the fall, but will not have formal conferences until the spring.)  Of course, if anyone wants to see Ms. Julie or any teacher anytime during the year, then just make an appointment directly with the teacher you need to see.

  A CONSCIOUS DISCIPLINE MOMENT on OFFERING EMPATHY:   To offer children empathy, we must be willing to let them experience distress. (p. 236 Conscious Discipline) Dr. Bailey uses her D.N.A. method - Describe.  (Pause)  Name.  Acknowledge to offer empathy to a child in distress. Here's how it looks...

Imagine your child very upset, maybe even screaming and kicking!  First you breathe composing yourself.  Then you DNA - describe, (pause), name, acknowledge like this:

D. - Active calming, noticing:  "Your face is going like this.  Your feet are going like this." (demonstrate) Child will most likely look your way.  As soon as eye contact happens....

"Hit the pause button" here and download your calm to the child by softening your face and taking a deep breath.

N. - Offer empathy:  "You seem _______. (angry, sad, scared) " Then quickly move to....

A. - Problem solving:  "You wanted ______."  or  "You were hoping ______."

Remember, if we can name the feeling the child is communicating with positive intent, then we validate the child's experience and move the regulation process forward.  "You wanted ____" and "You were hoping_____" help us acknowledge the child's most heartfelt wishes and facilitate problem solving.  It is important that the pause comes after describing.  Then you move quickly from naming to acknowledging. In this way you move the child from the survival state, up through the emotional state, then quickly into the executive state where he or she can problem-solve.  

     D. N. A. takes practice!  Be gentle on yourself as a parent and know that there may be an oops along the way.  Keep practicing and it will become easier! If you'd like more information from Dr. Bailey, go to or ask me.  The teachers and I are still learning and we practice Conscious Discipline every day!  We are so glad to have these strategies to offer the gift of self-regulation to our students.   

I hope you have a fabulous weekend and I wish you well,