Happy New Year & the Top 4 Things about the Brain

Dear CCP Family,

        Happy new year!  I hope 2019 brings us all health, love, and peace.  Though it’s a short week, it is great to hear the children’s giggles and to be together again. 

        Please remember that January tuition is due.  We have extended the deadline to noon on Thursday, Jan. 10.  Ms Melissa is very generous with that deadline so please pay on time so she doesn’t have to send reminders. Thanks for paying your fees on time.

        It is time to register for the 2019-20 school year.  You can find the application on our website and I also sent one by email on Wednesday.  Every currently-enrolled child is guaranteed a place for next year, but we can't guarantee that it will be in your first choice class. We will do our best!  Currently enrolled applications are due by Friday, Jan 18.  Please invite your friends to apply to CCP also!  New families have until Jan. 31 to apply.

        Ladybugs, your lunch bunch begins this month on Jan 16 and 17!  How exciting!  Ms. Sarah will send you all the details and your pick-up time on lunch day will be 1:00pm.

        Hopefully we won’t have anymore weather delays/closings this year! However, January is a good time to review our inclement weather policy from your parent handbook:

If Chapel Hill – Carrboro City Schools close due to the weather, then Christ Church Preschool will also close.  If Chapel Hill – Carrboro City Schools delay their starting time by one or two hours, then Christ Church Preschool will open for students at 10:00 a.mIf CHCCS delay by 3 hours, then CCP will close.  When in doubt, please check your email for an announcement or call the preschool number (919-969-1690) for a recorded message.  In the case of a power outage, listen to WCHL 1360 AM for an announcement. The preschool will not make up or refund tuition for days missed due to inclement weather.  (I usually try to have the announcement about closures sent to your email by 7:00am.)

         Please make sure your child has warm outerwear during the winter months.  The children usually go outside for a brief walk in the fresh air even on very cold days. Even if your child does not wear a coat in the car, please bring a coat and place it in the cubbie for outdoor time. It is helpful to label the loose pieces (hats, gloves, etc) with your child's name.  (The Frog class requests that you send mittens instead of gloves.)  Also, please be sure that your change of clothing in the cubbie is appropriate for the weather.

Here are the top 4 things to know about the brain from Dr. Becky Bailey:

  • The brain is pattern-seeking (Consistent routines are helpful.)

  • The best exercise for the brain is exercise. (Run, jump, & play!)

  • Connections on the outside build neural connections on the inside (Connect with your child through touch, presence, & eye contact in a playful situation.)

  • The brain functions optimally when we feel physically and psychologically safe (This is when learning takes place!)

  I wish you well,