Thank you and Gearing up for January!

Dear CCP Families,

Though it is not Thursday (my usual day for updating my blog,) I wanted to touch base with you as we prepare to return to preschool. [True confession - during the holidays, time gets confused and I wasn’t sure WHAT day it was! ;-) ]

CONCERT - Thanks for coming to our Christmas Concert! It was fun to celebrate together as a school family. I am so proud of our children. When you’re a preschooler, it’s a big deal to stand in front of an audience, let alone remember all the words to the songs! Thank you for your love and support.

BACK TO SCHOOL - Students return to school on Thursday, Jan. 3. (Teachers return on Wednesday to prepare classrooms and plan for second semester.)

THANK YOU - Some of you have honored me with lovely Christmas cards, well wishes, hugs, and gifts. Though I sent one note, I want you to know I am still humbled and grateful for your expressions of love. Your generosity is truly amazing! I hope you know how much you and your gifts are appreciated. Christ Church Preschool is like my extended family and I am truly thankful for each one of you.

A CONSCIOUS DISCIPLINE MOMENT - Combining connection and calming is powerful. It activates the attention systems, the motivation systems, and the impulse control systems in the brain. It creates an alert yet relaxed internal state that is ideal for all learning. ~Brain Smart Choices Cubes

As we complete the 12 days of Christmas at epiphany and move into 2019, my wish & prayer is that we can all see the world like children, through eyes of wonder and hope. Don’t worry about creating “perfection” in your family life - too much pressure! Instead, smile & breathe…..have hot cocoa with marshmallows, build a tent from a blanket, snuggle and read together, or take a walk or wagon ride in your neighborhood at night before the Christmas lights are all gone. It’s really these simple, inexpensive things that connect us and create beautiful lasting memories.

This week, I pray that the values from Advent will last all year. I wish you HOPE, LOVE, JOY & PEACE.

Happy New Year CCP Family!