February is fast approaching! (Includes notes about using a picture schedule) - Jan. 24 post

Dear CCP Family,

     Just a few days of January left! February holds so many special activities.  Be sure to read this letter and all communication from your child's teacher so you can participate in the fun.

     Our Whales and Ducks will go to the Planetarium on Wednesday, Jan. 30.  Whales and Ducks, please remember to arrive early that day!  You will walk to the bus at 8:30 sharp!  I hope you enjoy this special day.

     The CCP Admissions Committee will hold the 2019-20 class placement lottery on Friday, Feb. 1.  We will email as soon as possible with the results and then you will receive a followup letter with all details.  We will do our best to honor as many first choices as possible.  (Frog families, hopefully you read and understood the letter about class placement.  I know most of you want the MWF Ladybugs, but we can only accommodate 12 children in that class.  If your name is not pulled in the lottery for MWF, you will be placed in TTH.  If any movement occurs after the lottery, we will try to get you moved to your first choice.)

    Sometimes you've just gotta' dance! Please join us in Ascension Hall on Friday, Feb. 1 for the Family Valentine Dance!  Bring the whole family anytime between 6:30 and 8:30pm.  There will be lots of dancing, a photo booth, and some sweet treats.  All ages are invited - from infants to in-laws!  Last year's dance was so much FUN!  Put on your dancing shoes and let's boogie!

  Save the date for Pancakes and PJ's - On Tuesday and Wednesday, Feb. 12 & 13, our students can wear their pajamas to preschool and enjoy delicious pancakes and fruit at 10:00 in Ascension Hall! (Ducks and TTH classes will wear pj's & eat on Tuesday.  Whales and MW(F) classes will wear pj's & eat on Wednesday.)  More info to come... 

     From Dr. Bailey's Feeling Buddies Curriculum, "Much like adults create written to-do lists and record appointments on a calendar, picture outlines of everyday routines provide predictability and safety for children.  Instead of expecting them to remember, visuals provide developmentally appropriate tools to help them remember."   You have probably noticed that each of our classrooms has a picture schedule of the day.  The teachers refer to it during the day to let the children know what comes next and how they are progressing through the school day.  Some classes even have helpful visuals to remind children of toileting and hand-washing routines.  You can post pictures at home for how to clean up toys, the steps to feed the dog, how to brush your teeth, or even how to get dressed in the morning!  You can also put these pictures in a little book that you can "read" anytime you are preparing for the event.  You can easily find little pictures online.  I wish you well!

Have a lovely weekend,