Substitutes, Applications & Conscious Discipline (Jan. 17, 2019 post)

Dear CCP Families,

      Many of you have said how much you appreciate the Conscious Discipline tidbits I share with you. I’m so glad! I can honestly say that Conscious Discipline has changed my life. It began as a way I interacted with children, but it has become much more! I have now internalized the strategies and the language of C. D., so that I actually think in these terms. I use these skills professionally, but also personally in my life. Old dogs CAN learn new tricks!!

Your 2019-20 applications for currently enrolled students and siblings are due tomorrow, Jan. 18th! Thanks for getting these to me so I can evaluate where we stand with current families before giving consideration to new applications.

I know many of you have been frustrated with parking issues this week. I’m sorry for the inconvenience. A program called Shared Learning, who offers classes for seniors, is renting space in the church office building. This was their first week to meet, so many were confused about which building and where to park. Hopefully it will soon settle down a bit, but know that now there WILL be more cars parked in the area on a daily basis. Thank you for your patience. There is also occasionally ice in he mornings in the back lot. I will try to be aware of that and put sand or salt out on really cold days. Please use caution.

Thank you to all parents who are on our Substitute List! This is a time of year when we often need subs, so we would love to have a few more names on our list. If you’re willing to serve as a substitute teacher, please send me your name, email, and best phone number to use. (Subs do NOT have to have an education degree. The teacher or assistant teacher will tell you exactly what to do. You only need to care about children and have the desire to be helpful in the classroom.) You will even a earn a little pay for your efforts!

Preschool is closed on Monday, Jan. 21 in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. day.

        Teachers, our next staff meeting is Tues, Jan. 22 at 12:30.

        Save the February date..... Friday night, February 1 from 6:30-8:30 is our annual Christ Church and Preschool Family Valentine's Dance!  This was so much fun last year!!!  I hope you will plan to come.  We danced from serious to silly, took funny photos in the photo booth, had snacks, and enjoyed time with our families and friends.  More details will come, but please mark your calendar now.

Another Feb. date for your calendar….. One of our fav's, Pancakes and PJ's, will take place on Feb. 12 (TTH classes and Ducks) and Feb. 13 (MWF classes and Whales) at 10:00am.  Your parent rep will be sending details on how to participate in this fun event.  Adults and little siblings are welcome to join us in your pajamas!

        Dr. Becky Bailey tells us, “When you are upset, pivot. Say to yourself, ‘If I’m upset, I’m focusing on what I don’t want. Do I want more of this in my life?’ If the answer is no, breathe deeply. Then tell your child what TO DO and why.” (The “why” should use safety language as much as possible.) 

I wish you well,






I wish you well,